March 31, 2020

Dear Faith Family,

Does it seem more like three months than three weeks since we’ve been together? It does for me! Birthdays, events, conversations and assignments from the beginning of March seem nearly beyond memory’s reach. It makes me wonder what it's going to be like in April. April, the month where the birthdays, events, conversations we planned for it are beyond our reach before we enter it. Not “beyond” in the usual sense of the day having yet to arrive, but “beyond” in the sense that the day will come and go without holding what we planned for it.

Bottom line: we feel robbed.
  • Robbed of playing basketball with our buddies.
  • Robbed of sharing lunches with our friends.
  • Robbed of chances to love on our extended families.
  • Robbed of the wedding we spent months planning.
  • Robbed of proms and graduations we spent years anticipating.
  • Robbed of work and robbed of paychecks.

Every day we are being confronted with the unrelenting truth that there isn’t anything in this life that can’t be taken away from us…EXCEPT! Except for the love of God. Because it depends on God and not us, no person, no event, no thing (not even death!) can take God’s love away! God’s love will see us through everything on earth, go with us into death and awaken us into the new heavens and earth. Jesus promises it. We count on it.Yet many don’t know it.Many aren’t experiencing it.

This week, will you join me in praying for knowledge of God’s love to explode in people and places like never before, explode in us and through us out into our world like never before?

Will you pray for God’s love to explode in and through those connected with our faith family who are:
  • Medical staff and first responders
  • Truck drivers and delivery people
  • Employees that have lost their jobs and Employers
that had to let people go
  • Government officials and economic planners
  • Teachers having to teach online and parents having to teach at home
  • Living in dependent living facilities
  • Quarantined with people they don’t necessarily like all that much

Attached is this weeks’ prayer grouping. It’s a compilation of prayers some of our very own people are using and have shared for your use.

Always remember that you are loved!

Pastor Shelley
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