We want to share with you some sad news about the village of Chajmaic. In Guatemala, there’s a monumental crisis with Covid. In contrast to the situation in the U.S., Covid is rising rapidly in every part of the country. The illness reached the municipality, Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, which is some 20 minutes from the village of Chajmaic. It’s a red zone. And, unfortunately, 5 days ago, Covid also reached the village. The illness passes from house to house, neighbor to neighbor, overtaking entire families, including the youngest.

We are sad to say that the key personnel that we have in the village, who speak both languages – Spanish and Q’eqchi’ – have been sick for 5 days, probably because they have a little store and someone brought them the illness.

We have a solution that isn’t the best, but it’s a good start – buying aspirin, vitamin C, and electrolyte serum, and groceries in Guatemala City and sending them to Cobán, where Ricardo has a good friend who will bring it. It’s four hours from Cobán to the village of Chajmaic and it’s winter, so there are heavy rains and the travel is very dangerous. After the family gets better, we plan for them to help others in the village who are sick.

We are asking for prayers and, if it’s not your custom to pray, please think good thoughts for them and their situation.
Alfonso gives eggs to single mothers in need, Mother's Day groceries delivery, May 2021
If you’d like to help, any amount is gratefully accepted, and makes a world of difference.

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