Our Lord Jesus Christ,
King of the Universe

November 24, 2019
Christus – St. Meinrad Archabbey
Universal Prayer
We pray for all members of the Church. May we always live as people of truth as we listen to God’s Word and become true disciples of Christ the King, and may that truth become manifest in our decisions and actions
Living Liturgically at Home
On December 1st, we begin the season of Advent. Advent is a challenging season to celebrate since the secular world is already fully engrossed in its celebration of Christmas. Here are some resources to help celebrate Advent in your home life. Plan now!
Kingdom of the Son : Scott Hahn Reflects on the Sunday Readings – Jesus, we have been shown, is truly the Chosen One, the Messiah of God, the King of the Jews. Ironically, in today’s Gospel we hear these names on the lips of those who don’t believe in Him—Israel’s rulers, the soldiers, and a criminal dying alongside Him. read more...
Resources for Spiritual Growth

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