Bible Live:
Mar Saba
In this Month's Bible Live, let us go back to the 4th century and learn more about one of our main monasteries located between mountains in the desert within the Holy Land!

74 Years of Nakba
May 15th marked the 74 years of the Nakba (Catastrophe). Listen to our Academic Dean, Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, reading from his new book: "The Other Side of the Wall - A Palestinian Christian Narrative of Lament and Hope," about how our Nakba continues today!
“Come Meet Us and Listen to Our Story.”

The goal is to let the world know that we’re still here, even after all the challenging times that we went through and are still going through, especially with the tense political situation that seems not to end.

CATC 2022 Highlights
On May 29, we concluded a successful CATC Conference!

ALL sessions are available on CATC FB page & YouTube.

Please continue to pray for PEACE!
Monasticism in the Holy Land Course
Take a break! Leave all the materialistic world behind, and come with us on a trip to the 4th Century, to the monasteries of that time to wrestle alone with God and strengthen your relationship with Him!
Please pray with us for our varied summer programs, which will include different language courses, outreaches, and summer camps to the community of Bethlehem. 

  • Pray for our online Biblical Studies students who began their summer semester this month. We have 50 local, Armenian, Jordanian, and European students enrolled this semester, eight of whom are new students.
From June 12 - 22, eight of our students are joining the Shepherd Society team in serving among the Syrian refugees in the city of Al-Mafraq in Jordan. Please pray that the Lord will use them to reflect His image and impact the lives of the refugees and that our students will come back home with renewed hearts and minds.

  • A few days ago, we began our Christ at the Checkpoint Conference with a prayer for our land and our situation. Please continue to pray for us, for this land, for freedom, and for our rights.

In two weeks, high school students in Palestine will start the final ‘Tawjihi’ exams. Please keep them in your prayers for the Lord to give them the strength and wisdom to successfully pass these exams as a step toward building their future. 
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Thank You!