Welcome to The Ohio State University
Greetings from the Office of International Affairs at The Ohio State University!

Over the next few months we will send you weekly emails to help you plan for your arrival to Ohio State. 

These emails are designed to:

  1. Address the most important topics for incoming international students. 
  2. Prepare students for the transition to campus. 
  3. Introduce future Ohio State Buckeyes to what awaits them on campus!

We know you are excited to finalize your travel plans, so we want to share our  immigration check-in and orientation schedules so you can plan your arrival to campus! We recommend arriving at least two to three weeks before classes start so you can attend the scheduled orientation activities and complete necessary tasks before classes begin. 

This fall, your scheduled immigration check-in time will determine your assigned orientation session. Before you decide when to arrive on campus and check-in, make sure you can attend the orientation session that is associated with your immigration check-in time. These sessions are mandatory and cannot be changed once you have been assigned. Missing any segments of orientation may prevent you from scheduling your autumn semester courses in a timely manner.

While you wait for your next email, we recommend reviewing our answers to frequently asked questions regarding pre-arrival.

We look forward to sending you more detailed information in our upcoming pre-arrival emails. In the meantime, please explore our  website, and you are always welcome to email us at  iss@osu.edu.
Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to meeting you this fall!
Get Ahead on Important Steps
You can get a head start on preparing or your arrival by completing the tasks below:

Activate Your Ohio State Email

It is very important that you activate your Ohio State email account as soon as possible and
prior to your arrival. 

If you know your Ohio State ID Number and Password you can activate your Ohio State Account
(lastname.#) and Ohio State email address (lastname.#@osu.edu) at my.osu.edu. The password should have already been emailed to you by the admissions office. Your Ohio State ID Number can be found in the top portion of your official acceptance letter. Please read the Policy on Responsible
Use of University Computing Resources then click on "Activate account."

Once activated, you may check your email account by visiting buckeyemail.osu.edu and
signing in to Buckeye Mail using your lastname.#@buckeyemail.osu.edu (Windows Live ID) and password.

If you continue to have trouble activating your account, please contact the Office of Information Technology by emailing 8help@osu.edu or by telephone at 614-688-4357.

Pay the Acceptance Fee 

Your nonrefundable $100 acceptance fee is due by May 1, a national deadline for acceptance deposits. However, we advise you to pay before April 14 if you decided to attend Ohio State. Housing and ESL testing information are emailed to you after the fee is paid.

To pay your acceptance fee, f ollow the directions on your Acceptance Fee Statement, which has been emailed to your BuckeyeMail.

Learn About the Academic Culture at Ohio State

As a new international student, you are about to embark on an exciting academic journey at The Ohio State University! We recommend you take time to read through the New International Students' Guide to Ohio State Academic CultureThis resource was designed by experts across the campus to prepare incoming undergraduate students for success in the Ohio State classroom, and familiarize you with U.S. academic culture.
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