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Over the past few weeks we have been sending weekly emails  to help you plan for your arrival to Ohio State. If you have recently paid your acceptance fee, you might not have received the previous emails. Please visit our email archive online to see our past messages. We will be sending a few more weekly emails prior to your arrival.  In the meantime, please explore our  website , and you are always welcome to email us at .
Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to meeting you this autumn!
Immigration Check-In and Orientation
International Students
The Office of International Affairs encourages all students to arrive 2 - 3 weeks before the start of classes on Tuesday, August 21. 

Students who arrive early will have better course availability, more time to explore Columbus and more opportunities to meet other students.

Review the  orientation and immigration check-in schedule to determine when you should arrive on campus. Remember that your orientation session is determined by your check-in date.

Immigration check-in registration is now available. In order to register, please visit using the access code, OIA2018. To register, you will need your Ohio State username (your name.#) and password.  See instructions on how to activate your Ohio State username and email.
The deadline to register is Friday, June 15, but registration is on a space-available basis, so be sure to sign up before your preferred has have been filled. Once you have registered for your immigration check-in appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please keep in mind that when you register for an immigration check-in time, you will be automatically scheduled for the corresponding orientation, which cannot be changed. All students must attend their assigned orientation session, no exceptions. Below are the available sessions for planning purposes. Each orientation session takes place for the duration of three days, and you only have to attend one orientation session and one immigration check-in appointment. 

For example, if you register to check in on August 3, then you will automatically be scheduled to attend the orientation session that will take place from August 6 - 8, which you must attend.

Undergraduate Student Orientation
  • Check-in on July 30 - August 3, attend Orientation #1 - August 6 - 8
  • Check-in on August 6 - 7, attend Orientation #2 - August 8 - 10
  • Check-in on August 8 - 10, attend Orientation #3 - August 13 - 15
  • Check-in on August 13 - 14, attend Orientation #4 - August 15 - 17
 If you have any questions, please contact
Financial Responsibility Statement
Before registering for classes each term, all students must complete the Financial Responsibility Statement, acknowledging their financial responsibility to pay all tuition and fees. Until you complete the statement, a registration Lock Hold is placed on your Buckeye Link preventing you from registering for courses. Please complete the statement before mandatory immigration check-in to release the hold.

To complete the Financial Responsibility Statement:
  • Sign into My Buckeye Link
  • Click on the link in the Your Holds box  
  • Click on Registration Lock in the Item List
  • Click on Complete the Financial Responsibility Statement under Hold Item  
  • Select I Agree for all three statements and click Submit
Accessing Your Statement of Account
At orientation, you will register for classes, at which time, your Statement of Account is created, which shows the tuition and fees you are responsible for paying and the due date.

Tuition and fees that are not paid by the deadline will be subject to university late fees. You can only pay tuition and fees one semester at a time; you cannot pay for an entire academic year at one time. Tuition and fees are due the second Friday of classes, August 31, unless otherwise noted on your Statement of Account.

To see your Statement of Account:
  • Log in to My Buckeye Link
  • Click on the Statement of Account link in the "Outstanding Charges" box in the Finances section
  • Select the correct term by using the pull-down menu
Ways to Pay Tuition and Fees
To make paying for tuition and fees most efficient, we suggest you set up a local bank account shortly after you arrive. You can wire money from a different bank account to put into this new account. Visit Financial Services' website and select Payment Options for additional information.

Setting up a bank account in the United States:

You may want to open a checking account when you arrive in Columbus. Huntington is the Official Consumer Bank of The Ohio State University and the most convenient bank on campus with five branches and 26 ATMs. If you choose Huntington, you can speak to a representative and open an account at the end of your orientation session. Learn more about what they offer on

How do I pay?

Fees may be paid using ePayment online through the Buckeye Link. Online payments may be made from a personal checking or personal savings account or valid credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). Cash is not accepted. Check and money orders should be made payable to The Ohio State University and must include the student's account number (student ID number).
To use ePayment:
  • Sign into My Buckeye Link
  • Click the Make Payment As Student button and log in using you Ohio State username and password.
Payment options:
  • Electronic check payments: Make an online payment from your U.S. checking or savings account using routing and account numbers. The account must be located within the United States.
  • Credit cards: Ohio State accepts VISA, Discover, Master Card and American Express. Credit card companies charge a 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee per credit card transaction.  
  • Guardian access: Authorize a guardian(s) to make payments directly to your account. Guardians can also link accounts for more than one student so it is easier to access multiple accounts.
  • Mail a payment: Select "Mail a Payment" to generate a payment coupon to mail with a check or money order. Do not send cash. Sending payment without a coupon may result in delays in posting the payment to the account. Include student name and Ohio State ID on the check. 
  • Foreign currency wire transfers: Make an online payment using foreign currency. Note: Currency conversion rates are updated daily and are effective for 72 hours after the point of transaction. Foreign currency ePayments are pending until the wire transfer of funds from the bank is completed.
If you have an external scholarship check or other third party payment, the payment should be written in U.S. dollars and mailed to:

Office of the University Bursar
Student Academic Services Building
281 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1132

Again, please indicate your Ohio State identification number with this payment.
Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP)
Student Involvement Fair Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP) allows you or a designated guardian to split the cost of fees and other eligible university expenses into three installments each term (autumn and spring semester only).

To participate in TOPP, you must enroll each semester through your Buckeye Link by the second Friday of classes. A $30 administrative fee is charged each semester you enroll in TOPP.

To sign up for TOPP:
  • Sign into My Buckeye Link
  • Select the Payment Plan tab under Account Inquiry in the Finances section of your Student Center at
The first TOPP installment is due on the initial payment due date, which is about seven days prior to the first day of class. The remaining payments, which will include any new charges, will be due about every 30 days.

More information about TOPP, including how to enroll and future due dates, is available online.
Language Excellence and Academic Preparedness Program 
The Office of International Affairs is proud to announce the second year of the  Language Excellence and Academic Preparedness (LEAP) program. LEAP is a three-week pre-first semester non-credit program that will prepare first-year international students for The Ohio State University experience.

Why international students should apply to LEAP:
  • The program is basically FREE! Students have to pay the $950 fee upfront but will be reimbursed with a $950 scholarship if they successfully complete the program 
  • Students will arrive early to Ohio State and have the opportunity to improve their spoken English skills and their academic preparedness
  • Students will explore campus resources, go on trips and get acclimated to life in Columbus
  • Students will be living on campus, will receive a city bus pass for transportation and will be given a generous living stipend to purchase meals, goods and services 
  • Upon completion of LEAP, students will be more prepared to start their college journey at Ohio State
To learn more and apply, visit   The priority deadline is June 1 - admission will occur on a rolling basis prior to June 1. The final deadline to apply is July 1 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Only 30 students will be selected.

LEAP is a co-supported program by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) and the English as a Second Language Programs (ESL Programs) at The Ohio State University.
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