Community Meeting
Pre-Construction Meeting for Former Children's Memorial Hospital Site

As you know, the sale of the former Children's Memorial Hospital  to developers McCaffery Interests and Hines was recently finalized. The sale of the parcel will allow the redevelopment of the site to begin in the near future. For additional information about the project, please see on our website.

Prior to any demolition on the site, there will be a community meeting in accordance with the extensive  community agreement  that was entered into during the negotiations on this parcel. 

During this public meeting, the development team will  provide a detailed presentation of the projected construction  plans and schedule, the site mobilization timetable and logistics as well as the plans for community outreach during the construction process. We urge you to attend.

WHAT: Former Children's Memorial Hospital Site Construction Meeting

WHO: McCaffery Interests and Hines

WHEN: Tuesday, March 1st
       6:00 pm

WHERE: Lincoln Park High School 
  2001 N. Orchard
  School Auditorium

Parking is available in the school parking lot.

For further information, please visit the project website at .
As part of our community agreement, the developer will provide regular construction updates to people who elect to receive an email  update. You can sign up to receive these email updates at

Garbage Collection Fees

Effective January 1, 2016, the City of Chicago implemented a garbage hauling fee. Residents who receive garbage collection services provided by the Department of Streets and Sanitation are being charged a garbage service fee of $9.50 per month per unit. This will appear as a line item on the property water bill. If you see that the description of your address is not properly described, you will be given a link to certify the description of your property.

The garbage fee billing cycle aligns with your current water and sewer billing schedule, and the unified utility bill allows you to receive one bill and make one payment for each billing cycle, eliminating multiple payments.

The first unified utility bill  for non-metered accounts will be sent out in April and contain charges for water and sewer services from the past six months and garbage collection from January through April of 2016.  To allow  for adjusted budget planning of property owners,  Chicago is waiving all late payment penalties for 2016 for the garbage fee portion of your utility bill.   All water and sewerage fees will continue to be adjusted for late payment.

A 50% discount rate ($4.75 per month per unit) is available to qualifying seniors enrolled in the Cook County Assessor's Senior Freeze Exemption program. If you receive this exemption, the discount will be applied to the garbage fee on your utility bill automatically. Please visit the Cook County Assessor's website for more details about the pr ogram and to see if you qualify.

Residential Parking Passes

To assist residents who live in a zone parking area, this week the Chicago City Clerk announced  you have the option to purchase up to three sheets of Daily Parking Permits per 30 day period. Prior to this change, customers were eligible for only two sheets of Daily Parking Permits.

The price of the permits remains the same. Each sheet cost $8 and contains 15 permits. Parking permits can be purchased online here.

Tips from the 18th District CAPS

Help keep your person and belongings secure with this auto theft advisory from the 18th District Community Policing Office.

Recycling Tips

Recycling rules still confusing? Here's a handy guide you can print and post.

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