Notice of Pre-Construction on Project Impacting Your Property
Project Number: WE-O14-OH-H20
Notice Delivery Date: April 28, 2020

Location: Pole and Powerline Rebuild along Hutchison Road                   
Deborah-Glaister Ln. to Queen’s Bush Rd., Wellesley
Dear Valued Customer,

As part of our commitment to maintaining a safe and reliable electrical distribution system, construction work is required on pole lines and other electrical equipment.
In January of this year, you received a letter from Waterloo North Hydro Inc. (WNH) informing you of plans to rebuild the existing overhead pole line on Hutchison Road from Deborah-Glaister Ln. to Queen’s Bush Rd., Wellesley. We wish to thank all individuals who provided input during the design process or brought their concerns to our attention. The detailed design has now been completed and this project is scheduled to go to construction in May or end of April.

The project involves upgrading old equipment that is in need of replacement. Waterloo North Hydro is installing new wood poles, anchors and overhead powerlines in the locations marked with stakes. Once construction is completed, the old poles and lines will be removed and all work areas will be restored to their original condition.

Waterloo North Hydro takes pride in protecting the environment and works with the City of Waterloo to limit the impact its projects have on the environment. No trees will be removed as part of this project. In the event tree trimming is required for safety and reliability purposes, Waterloo North Hydro will contact you to explain the trimming that is required. Additionally, any landscaping work required due to this project will be repaired by Waterloo North Hydro before the project’s completion.
If it becomes necessary to interrupt power to your property, our Control Room will contact you in advance and advise you of the approximate time and duration of the outage. We will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience caused to you by this construction .

We thank you in advance for your co-operation. To request further information or to bring any comments or concerns to our attention, please contact Terry Karp, Waterloo North Hydro Engineering at 519-888-5155 or by email at .

Thank you,

Waterloo North Hydro
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