Pre-Convention 2017 News
2015 Convention in Lisle/Naperville

This e-mail contains a great deal of information essential to your participation in this year's June 10th and 11 th LWVIL Convention at the Hilton Garden Inn Chicago O'Hare, 2930 S River Rd, Des Plaines.
Please make sure you read through all the documents attached.
This e-mail is being sent to all League members but is especially important to those of you who plan to attend the convention as a delegate. Final convention workbooks will be available at convention when you register.
THE CONVENTION REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS May 22, 2017 (registration on-line here and paper here)
THE HOTEL DEADLINE FOR LODGING is May 16, 2017: NO EXCEPTIONS Please make your reservation directly with the hotel: follow this link to make your reservation:  .
If you are unable to access the link, please call the hotel directly at 1.847.296.8900 with the code: LWV.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RESERVATION DEADLINE FOR THE $109/night rate is TUESDAY, MAY 16th. This rate is available until the cut-off date or when all rooms within the LWVIL block have been sold whichever happens first. After that date, guest rooms that are available in the hotel's general inventory will be charged at the regular hotel best available rate.
Parking at the hotel is $8.00 per day.

Local leagues are encouraged to send their total delegate allocation to convention.  Don't remember how many delegates you can send? Check here (delegate numbers).  If you won't be sending a full delegation, please let Roberta Borrino know (contact information, include phone number: 312.939.5935 x-37 (M-W)).  She will keep a list so that those who may want to go from another League may go as a delegate from your League.
Delegates come to Convention informed, but not instructed.  Local league boards should review and discuss the recommended items with delegates.  Remember, delegates should be free to vote their conscience after hearing and participating in debate on the convention floor.

This e-mail includes:
If you are planning to make a motion for consideration of a non-recommended program item or a Will of Convention (see Participating in Convention 2017 Business below) you may want to contact other Leagues and begin to gather support now.

Please stay alert for additional LWVIL 2017 convention-related e-mails that will contain additional information and remind you of deadlines, encourage you to sign up for the Friday evening DineAround, invite your friends to join the Saturday lunch, featuring Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD., Chief Executive Officer, League of Women Voters of the U.S, speaking on the topic: Diversity in the League and/or the Saturday dinner featuring Kyra Kyles, Editor-in-Chief, Ebony Magazine, who speak on: Changing the Narrative on Discussions of Race.

Your Convention Workbook will be available when you register.  Your workbook will include the following information:
Tips on Parliamentary Procedure/Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance
A short form of commonly practiced parliamentary procedures is included with the convention workbook.  To assist you, the parliamentarian will be available at specific times and location noted in the order of business.  Microphone monitors can also assist you on the floor of convention.
Proposed Convention Rules
Convention rules not covered by bylaws are adopted by a majority vote at the beginning of the Convention, but may be amended, rescinded or suspended later by a two-thirds vote.
Proposed Order of Business
LWVIL President, Mary Kubasak, as Chair of the Convention, will ask for a motion to adopt the proposed order of business at the beginning of convention.  A majority vote is needed to adopt.  Changes may be proposed as amendments to this motion.  After adoption, a two-thirds vote is required to make a change.
Plenary Session
    • Convention sessions begin and end in a timely manner.  Doors are closed when order is called.  The proposed rules state that absentee or proxy voting is not permitted.  When a vote is in progress, the doors to the convention hall will be closed and no one may enter. 
    • Wait to be recognized by the chair before speaking.  Use the microphone and always give your name and League.  During debate, the microphones will be designated PRO and CON so that the chair can alternate the points of view presented.
    • All motions and amendments must be written on forms which will be available during the plenary sessions.
    • Information about how to request a point of order, a point of information, a parliamentary inquiry or a question of privilege will be described in detail.
Timing of Convention Presentations, Discussions and Votes
The budget, bylaws, program and Will of Convention Motions are all presented and debated on Saturday and voted on Sunday morning. 
  • Not-recommended program items proposed during program planning and listed in the workbook may be moved for consideration immediately after the recommended program is presented.  After all not-recommended items have been offered votes on consideration of each will be taken in the order in which the items were offered.
  • Motions expressing the Will of Convention may be made after the votes regarding consideration of not-recommended program itemsSuch motions direct the state League to take a specific advocacy action, but may not divert human or financial resources from the adopted League program or budget.  (For example, a Will of Convention Motion could direct that a letter be sent to the governor or the legislative leadership on a critical issue.)
Convention Caucuses

A caucus is convened by local League delegates to provide a forum for delegates with similar interests to join together to plan strategies.  State Board members and off-board Issue Specialists will attend only if invited to provide background information or advice.  Attending a caucus indicates interest, not necessarily commitment.
A delegate might choose to convene a caucus to:
    • Promote interest or discussion on an item.
    • Assess the strength of the position you are advocating with other delegates.
    • Decide upon floor strategy.
    • Develop arguments in support of your position. 
Reserve a space for a caucus:
    • Before convention, call or e-mail the state League office or submit a Caucus Request form. (Select pdf or Word version.)
Questions on any topic or issue whether addressed in this E-News or not may be directed to Mary H Schaafsma, Executive Director, LWVIL, by e-mail to

Thank you.
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