"Sure, they say they can fly, but how do you know they will soar after you hire them?"

Using pre-employment assessments can be extremely helpful when making hiring decisions. They can provide valuable information about candidates' skills and behaviors.

With these assessments, Alternative HR can help you get to know the person behind the suit! We will help you discover if they are the best fit for the position.

These assessments will also lower your turnover, provide valuable training information, and add money to your bottom line!

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Did You Know?
A company's biggest profit potential lives within its people!

Our assessment tools can assist companies with their talent management needs. The assessments can provide measurable impact to your people and your business. These tools can assess the following:

  • Behavioral Style
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Driving Forces
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After incorporating some of these assessments, businesses and individuals can experience the following:

  • Better Communication
  • Increased Employee Retention
  • Hiring Accuracy
  • Better Workplace Engagement
  • Effective Development of High Potential Employees
  • And More!!!

Have you ever...

  • Made a hiring mistake?
  • Been frustrated with high turnover?
  • Had low morale?
  • Had increased training costs?

If so, it is time to call the A-Team!

Before you hire, promote or make strategic decisions, let us gather relevant and predictive information by:

  • Conducting Reference Checks
  • Performing Background Checks (criminal, credit & MVR)
  • Using Our Pre-Employment Assessments

No matter what aspects of talent acquisition and HR management challenges you the most, Alternative HR can help! 

  • We focus first on your business
  • We target your specific need
  • We produce return on investment
  • We save you time and money

Remember, it is far, far, far less expensive to hire the right person than the wrong one!

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