Spring Semester | March 16, 2020
Critical Thinking  Uses logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
A Message from the Pre-Health Advising Office
Hello Students,

We in Pre-Health Advising want to assure you that our office will retain its normal functionality going forward.

In accordance with President Liebowitz's recommendation utilize remote technology, starting on  Monday, March 16 , all appointments will be over phone or skype. If you already scheduled your appointment through our online scheduler, we should have your phone number. You can continue to use our online scheduler to make appointments:   https://phabrandeis.youcanbook.me/

Starting  Monday, March 16 , we will use the chat feature, google hangouts, for "drop ins" Monday-Friday from 3-4pm when classes are in session. To contact us, open google hangouts through your Brandeis email page, click the + button and enter our names (Kate Stutz or Sierra Perez). This will allow you to send us a chat message. Please do not chat us outside the 3-4pm window. If we have an away message up, that means we are unavailable for drop ins that day.
Kate Stutz: Juniors, Seniors, Alumni
Sierra Perez: First Years, Second Years

We will try to offer as many of our workshops as possible through webinar format. Keep an eye on our newsletter for how to access these in the future.

If you have scheduled an interview for our board process, your interview will happen over zoom. We will be in touch with a link to access your interview.

Stay well,
Kate & Sierra
Non-Clinical Experiences for Summer
  • Hobby exploration
  • Draft Personal Statements
  • Prepare a self study plan for MCAT/DAT/OAT/ect.
  • Create a list of your Top 15 Medical Schools (include their requirements)
  • Look for volunteer opportunities in your community
  • Start your 4-Year planning for Pre-Health requirements
  • Prepare applications for summer 2021 programs (Due next Winter break!)
  • Log volunteer hours with the Department of Community Service to earn service awards
  • Journal your activities through this break!
  • Start networking through LinkedIn (Think informational interviews)
  • Update your resume
  • Learn about labs on campus (publications and faculty)
  • Learn about the job responsibilities of your choose profession
  • Study popular topics in the healthcare field
  • Read our weekly newsletter for new opportunities
  • Study the AAMC Core Competencies. Any activities that build on these skills will be meaningful experiences! 

Want to learn more about making this summer count?
Watch our " Making the Most of Summer" webinar event next Tuesday.
Intro to the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) - VIRTUAL

Tuesday, March 17th, 10am-11am

What exactly is the MCAT? We will explore the test day, when to take the MCAT, and how to prepare. This presentation is open to all pre-medical students. We will have Brandeis upper classman as panelists to highlight their experiences in preparing for the MCAT.

Making the Most of Your Summer - VIRTUAL

Tuesday, March 24th, 12pm-1pm

Unsure what to do this summer for experience? Come here about all the different options available to optimize your summer. We we focus on options this summer with the public health sitation in mind.

Roosevelt Fellows move office hours online
In an effort to keep our communities safe and align with virtual instruction the Roosevelt Fellow office hours are moving online. Instead of meeting in person, you can get your questions answered through a Zoom meeting!

Follow this link to sign up for an appointment time.  

Please be mindful of time zones on your Google calendar, and please only sign up for one appointment at a time. If none of these times work for you, email the team ( rooseveltfellows@brandeis.edu) or a specific Fellow to ask about meetings by appointment. Please keep in mind that Roosevelt Fellows are also students managing this transition, and response times may be slower than usual.

We can answer questions about course selection/registration, long- and short-term academic planning, academic policy questions, academic decision-making, and different resources for support at Brandeis.

We know many students have questions about the logistics of online instruction moving forward, or what next steps the university might take regarding COVID-19. The Roosevelt Fellows don't have more information than other students about these questions.

We hope you're all staying safe, and we look forward to connecting with you soon!
Critical Conversations (Webinar)
March 18 from 5:30-6:30pm
Truth, or Your Truth? A Scientist and a Humanist on Facts, Data and Evidence

Does evidence make something true? Is evidence even a necessary component of truth? The way we talk about what is real and what is true depends on perspective and context. The way we are trained to think and write can change what we think is true. This conversation pairs humanities and science faculty in a debate about the relationship between facts, truth and reality, and how evidence differs widely in different disciplines.

STAR is looking for new members!
STAR , a confidential peer resource that offers one-on-one support to all students during their office hours in the SCC Room 324, Sun - Fri from 1 - 7 PM, are looking to accept new members for the next academic year.

Students will go through professional training on a variety of topics such as suicide prevention, sexual assault, LGBTQIA+ issues, and more. If you are interested in helping others, consider applying for STAR! It is a wonderful opportunity not only to gain counseling experience and knowledge, but to meet amazing people and work together to improve awareness and open communication in our community.

Application will be accepted until  11:59 PM on Friday, April 30th . If you would like to find out more, feel free to email us at  starbrandeis@b randeis.edu .

Apply to be a member of the Student Sexuality Information Service (SSIS )
Applications are open from 2/24 to 3/22
SSIS Office in the SCC room 328
SSIS is looking for volunteers to start in Fall 2020. We are a student-run organization working to promote sexual health and wellness in our community through peer education and support.
Waltham Connections for Healthy Aging is Hiring
March-June, 2020 for approximately 10 hours per week
Waltham, MA
Waltham Connections for Healthy Aging is hiring a part-time Project Coordinator to set up a Waltham Senior Civics Academy, which will help seniors become more effective advocates, to develop the Civic Academy, the Project Coordinator will help Waltham Connections (1) create curriculum, and (2) reach out to Waltham elected officials, agency leaders, and diverse older adults to solicit their participation in the Academy. To find out more about Waltham Connections, visit their Facebook page: Waltham Connections for Healthy Aging. Questions? Contact Maria DiMaggio.
Eastern Trek for Cancer
June 21 -27, 2020
Portland, ME to New York, NY
Experience the 2020 Eastern Trek for Cancer and support those affected by cancer with a team of young adults. In 7 days this June, you will leave your footprint on the 300-mile route from Maine to New York, meet strangers that will become family, and host service events at cancer centers. You will change lives while ETC changes yours. Learn more and apply today for the 2020 Trek. Questions? Contact Matt Dexter.
Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease and CTE Centers
Boston University School of Medicine

Start Date in May 2020

Responsibilities :
They are seeking talented individuals to serve as research assistants and psychometricians at the NIH-funded Boston University (BU) Alzheimer’s Disease and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Centers and the BU Memory and Aging Clinic. Responsibilities for these positions include the administration of neuropsychological tests, presenting cases at research diagnosis conferences, and conducting patient and participant interviews. There is potential for involvement in new research studies, manuscript writing, and publications. These positions involve working with a multidisciplinary team of experts in Neuropsychology, Neurology, Neuroimaging, Psychiatry and Nursing.

Minimum of a bachelor’s degree, preferably with one or
more years of experience in a research setting.

2-year Minimum Commitment

To apply, please e-mail a cover letter and resume to:

Caroline Labriola
clabriol@bu.edu 617.358.6564

References and an in-person interview will be requested for promising applicants.

Georgetown School of Medicine Summer Internship
Paid internship opportunity for up to 6 undergraduates and/or graduate students interested in being part of a dynamic, student-led team charged with finding innovative solutions to problems in education, medicine, health care, policy, and diversity work at the Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM). The internship is a summer long program and a wonderful chance to join a fast-paced, start-up style team in higher education. Undergraduates would work specifically in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as Innovation Associates and the summer internship will run from June 1rd to August 14th, 2020. We are accepting applications until April 3rd at 11:59pm EST. GUSOM has rolling admissions, so early applications are highly recommended. All students are encouraged to apply!
Stony Brook University: BCP 405 "Pharmacology to Pharmacy"
For undergraduates, our online course, BCP 405, provides an opportunity to earn advanced credits, as well as  prepare for immediate and in our experience, highly productive clinical exposure (e. g., physician ‘shadowing’).   They also receive outstanding preparation for careers in multiple health-care-related disciplines, either here at Stony Brook or elsewhere.

This course, to be offered exclusively online, is designed for undergraduates interested in health care (either basic medical science-oriented or clinical). The class introduces many aspects of clinical pharmacology, but is geared toward non-clinicians. Clinical vignettes and case discussions will be presented. Several medical procedures will be first described and then demonstrated. Understanding these procedures will be integral to appreciating the vignettes and clinical case discussions. The multidisciplinary course faculty will include physicians, scientists, educators, nurses and pharmacists. Enrolled students will have the opportunity to ask questions directly through online chats.
ULSD Pre-Dental Bridge to Dentistry
University of Louisville School of Denistry
2-day Hands-On Workshop
May 14th-15th, 2020

This two-day workshop offers an opportunity for the prospective 3rd and 4th year undergraduate pre-dental student to experience dentistry as a profession before making a life-changing career commitment. It will introduce some of the basic concepts of the profession and provide participants with a hands-on experience to waxing a tooth to proper anatomical contour, cavity preparation & restoration to proper form and function, impression making, and dental model fabrication. During these two days spent in ULSD, participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the admissions process as well as have the opportunity to interact with current dental students and learn from their personal experiences.

For more information and registration please visit:
 Companions to Elders: Effective Communication Strategies
In the Effective Communication Strategies program, the Waltham Group's Companions to Elders discuss how communication is more than just talking and listening – it’s also about sending and receiving messages through attitude, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. As people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias progress in their journey and the ability to use words is lost, families need new ways to connect. They will explore how communication takes place when someone has Alzheimer’s, learn to decode the verbal and behavioral messages delivered by someone with dementia, and identify strategies to help you connect and communicate at each stage of the disease.

Sunday, March 22 at 4:30 pm in Skyline Commons
Full Time position: Diagnose CTE Research Project
Boston University is seeking a participant retention coordinator for the
Boston University CTE Center and as a member of the National Coordinating Center for the
DIAGNOSE CTE Research Project. The DIAGNOSE CTE Research Project is an NIH-funded, 7-
year, multi-center, multidisciplinary, longitudinal clinical research study of chronic traumatic
encephalopathy (CTE). The primary goals of the project are to: develop methods of
diagnosing CTE during life, refine and validate diagnostic criteria for the clinical diagnosis of
CTE, and investigate genetic and head impact exposure risk factors for CTE.


• Assist in creating and implementing strategies to prevent attrition from ongoing projects
• Screen study participants (120 former NFL players and 60 controls) and study partners for
safety and cognitive capacity
• Schedule, monitor, and adjust participant visits to all study sites (Boston, New York City,
Las Vegas, Scottsdale)
• Record, communicate, and report payments for study participants, and financial
transactions associated with travel
• Support study team by aiding with participant visits, data collection, and data


• Bachelors’ degree (or equivalent) in Psychology/Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Public
Health, Sports Medicine, or related field
• Exceptional organizational and communication/interpersonal skills
• Previous experience in a clinical research setting is preferred
2-year Minimum Commitment

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals planning to apply to medical school
or graduate school in neuropsychology, public health, or neuroscience. Team
members will have exposure to a wide range of study procedures and there is
potential for authorship on publications.

To apply email a cover letter and resume to:

The DIAGNOSE CTE Research Project Manager, Megan Mariani, mmariani@bu.edu
References will be requested and an in-person interview will be scheduled for top applicants only.

Calling all pre-health students and alumni! Join the new Alumni Mentorship Network on LinkedIn to be apart of a growing community of health professional Brandeisians.
Kate Stutz , Director
Sierra Perez , Program Administrator


  • 30-Minute Appointments: Book Online or Call 781-736-3470
  • Drop-in 15-Minute Appointments: Monday-Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm [While Classes are in Session]