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The Storage Tin for Distress Reinkers

is COMING!!!

This is the tin we've been waiting for. Those glass bottles are stinkers when it comes to storage, but now we have a solution... BUT, not only that, the tin will also work for Distress Paints & Distress Mini Sprays! Yahoo!!!

Three Days ONLY! Here we go!

Please Email me your pre-order

Hi Friends,

We have some EXCITING News in the World of Distress! A couple years ago, Ranger retired a select palette of Distress Paint Colors to make room for the new Distress Products. With the continued success of "All Things Distress", Ranger is releasing the first ever "Back from the Vault" Collection!

Back From the Vault Collection

Ranger has manufactured a LIMITED PRODUCTION run of 20 RETIRED Distress Paint Colors, giving us all the opportunity to stock up on your Favortie colors before they go back in the vault. Again, this is a LIMITED RUN, and when they are gone, that's it...

Even More Exciting News!!

To make this news even more exciting, Ranger is also releasing the LONG AWAITED Distress Multi Storage Tin. This newest member of the Distress Storage Tin Line-Up is stackable, and features interchangeable insterts to hold up to 20 paints/mini sprays or 24 Distress Ink Reinker Bottles (YES!!! FINALY!)

NEED Replacement Dabber Tops???

Scroll down for a LIMITED Group Buy OFFER

We will be asking for PRE-PAY  on the bundles for this round of bundles to secure your discounted pricing. Unfortunatly, further discounts won't be available on the limited items...

Just a reminder to email me your pre-order. With everything going on at the store, it's easiest for me to sit in the evening when things are quiet and go through my emails... Also, just a reminder, when I have you on my pre-order list, you'll get a confirmation email from me and another email when your product is ready for pick up. Dont forget to keep an eye out for those emails... 

And with that, here we go...

Pre-Order Prices good through Thursday, April 27th

(but the earlier the better to secure your stock)

(and that's Scrappy's Birthday!!!)

Tim's Surprise Live product announcement was this past Saturday.

Check out the video below to see the new Products and a

GREAT DEMO on Distress Paint...

Distress Paints have some different properties than other paints, so check out the demo and don't miss out...


I can't say it enough times, but this is a LIMITED release. I'm not sure how much stock we will be able to secure after our first shipment, so if you want them, RESERVE THEM...

I have quite a few packs on order, but FULL SETS will be allocated first, due to the limited nature of the release...




You know you need all the colors in your collection. YES PLEASE!

And something to store them in!

This Bundle includes:

Kit #1

Kit #2

Kit #3

Kit #4

Kit #5

Multi Storage Tin

(to hold all the colors!)

**Priority Allcoation**

Pre-Order Price

ONLY $85

reg: $94


"Color Me Happy"


You need all the colors, but you'll deal with storing these fellas later...

This Bundle includes:

Kit #1

Kit #2

Kit #3

Kit #4

Kit #5

**Priority Allcoation**

Pre-Order Price

ONLY $75

reg: $80


I need to

"Wrangle My S**T"

quantity offer

Are your reinkers toppling all over the place (like mine!)

The solution is HERE!!

Full Collection Tin Quantities needed:

Distress-inkers (regular glass bottles): 3 tins

Paints: 3-4

Mini Sprays (limted Editions, etc): 1-2

(but you should probably count what you have...)

Pre-Order ONLY

ONLY $13 each

when you order 3 or more tins

***Did you know??? That we keep all the other Distress Tins in stock, too? That's good news, isn't it??? Need 3 or more of any other tins? Let me know and I'll see what I can work out for you... Good through 4/27/23 and if tins are available. By special request ONLY***

Distress Muli-Storage Tin

Pre-Order Price:


Distress Paint Kit #1

Spun Sugar

Tattered Rose

Festive Berries

Aged Mahogany

Pre-Order Price:


Distress Paint Kit #2

Dried Marigold

Ripe Persimmon

Rusty Hinge

Wild Honey

Pre-Order Price:


Distress Paint Kit #3

Crushed Olive

Forest Moss

Lucky Clover

Pine Needles

Pre-Order Price:


Distress Paint Kit #4

Stormy Sky

Tumbled Glass

Blueprint Sketch

Wilted Violet

Pre-Order Price:


Distress Paint Kit #5

Old Paper

Brushed Corduroy

Gathered Twigs

Pumice Stone

Pre-Order Price:


Group Buy Special Offer

Distress Paints are no longer available with Dabber Tops. And, actually, as best as I can tell, replacement Dabber Tops aren't really available any longer either...

BUT... I just found a quantity of them available for us to order, but before I order, I need to make sure there's enough interest to justify it...

So, if you've been trying to get your hands on some replacement dabber tops, this is your chance (and maybe your only chance, I don't know).

Be sure to order what you think you are going to need... This might be a one-time shot.

I love having the dabber top on my Black Soot Paint. When I need to use it on stencils, I can slap some paint down, put the lid back on and no messy clean-up...

Paint Dabbers are the perfect answer to mess-free paint application. The dabber top allows paint to flow easily onto craft surfaces. Dab directly on project or remove dabber top and apply with a brush. Flow control safety valve so paint doesn't goop everywhere.

3 complete tops per package, including clear lid. White.

2 Package Bundle

(6 lids total)


Need more???

2 or more Bundles

Only $7.25 each

*fine print: We will only place the order if there is enough interest. If you want them, please don't "WAIT & SEE". I am pretty certain these fit the Distress Paints, but I will verify with Ranger tomorrow. If they don't, then we won't order them, no worries....