Thursday, September 05, 2019
Visit our website for all these fun fabrics. Perfect for your Halloween decorations.
4 fabric lines to choose from!

Ghostly Glow Town
(it glows in the dark)

Gone Batty - $22.99/meter
Panel $13.99

Pick Your Poison - $22.99/meter
Panel $6.99

Raven's Claw - $17.99/meter
Panel $13.99
Raven's Claw
Apron & Kitchen Gloves

Go all out during the Halloween season with this apron and oven mitts. Make them for yourself or as a gift.

The Boss is away so we decided to add a
two kits to our Clearance Centre!
Diamond Detour
84" x 99"
Reg. Price $284.99
Sale Price $210
(2 in stock)
Modern Gridwork
50 1/2" x 70 1/2"

Reg. Price $119.99
Sale Price $89
(2 in stock)