Join us for our Pre-Sail Teacher Intensives
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Join us for two fabulous pre-sail intensives on
Sunday, February 28, 2016!

Love Sex Relationship Mastery 

Why are intimate relationships so challenging? Why do our partners seem uniquely designed to trigger our insecurities, emotional pain and fears? In this workshop, we'll get to the root of what frustrates and often sabotages our intimate relationships, despite our best intentions. As we dive into the fascinating world of masculine and feminine dynamics, you'll understand your own motivations and longings, as well as those of the people you're drawn to. You'll be amazed to discover how the awareness of these dynamics can completely transform your intimate relationships. You'll learn the essential value of being your most authentic self; and how speaking & living your deepest truth is the key to creating the profound intimacy your deepest heart desires.

Dance of Liberation Intensive
w/ Parashakti

We are EXCITED & in great GRATITUDE to have you join our EPIC Dance of Liberation intensive. This immersion is a pre-requisite to Dance of Liberation (DOL) Teacher Training. Whether you are interested in teaching or just experiencing this modality, there is an invitation and an opportunity contained within the Dance itself for purification, healing, self-discovery and inner expression.
Through the 7 foundations of DOL we will process the old and let go of orientations and paradigms that hinder from growing. Together we will be discovering the essence of Spirit & Dance, embarking on a powerful journey together!
see you on the Blissful Dance floor!


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