January 16, 2008


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James O. Davis at Giving Blood Preaching Conferences

Ministers from 40 US states and from cities as distant as Lagos and Lahore gathered to study preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Kenneth C. Ulmer Giving Blood
Walter Kaiser Giving Blood
Worship Team Giving Blood
Kay Arthur Giving Blood
Len Sweet Giving Blood

Dear Visionary Leader,

Billion Soul Greetings!

Hanging on every word of the dozen top flight presenters, hundreds of key pastors and leaders honed their preaching skills at the “Giving Blood” Preaching Conference held this week in Houston, Texas.

Cohosts Dr. Leonard Sweet, Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Dr. James O. Davis joined Pastor Steve Riggle of Grace Community Church of Houston to host Dr. Elmer Towns, Dr. Walter Kaiser, Dr. Paul Walker, Rev. Dottie Escobedo-Frank, Dr. Ademola Ishola and Dr. Kay Arthur.

Len Sweet shifted the focus of the preacher from the Gutenburg era of wordsmithing to the Google era of the image smith. Kay Arthur taught how to “find” the Word of God that was hidden in the House of God using a text from Josiah. Dr. Paul Walker thrilled the crowd with a comprehensive but compact training session on how to preach a Bible series. Dr. Kaiser wrapped up a full 90-minute session on expository preaching that had ministers on the edge of their seats with a profound statement: “Preach the Word like it is going out of style...because it is!”

The Billion Soul movement is gaining momentum with more “cochairs” who were added during the conference, including Pastor Able from Pakistan. Reports were shared from around the world:

“You truly challenge and stretch my faith. I love that. My 2009 action plan is to plant 480 churches in the next 10 years in Africa. With God victory is a guarantee not a chance.”—Apostle Charles Murenzi, Rwanda

“God has called to join this vision because after the Nairobi summit my life was changed and my ministry. We are having a Gospel rally after we open up a new branch so we need your prayers.” Dick and Harriet Bwette, Uganda

“The Lord opened for me many places for preaching and even training believers for evangelism and reaching out to the lost. I had the honor of being used in cities all over Egypt, in addition to my home town Cairo.”—(Name withheld for security), Egypt

Billion Soul Summits worldwide continue the rest of the year. You may find one close to you by clicking here.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,
James O. Davis
James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking

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