Preble Windows Discussion on 3/24/19
Preble Stained Glass Windows Plan
You are invited to a discussion on Sun., March 24


On Sunday, March 24 during our Fellowship Coffee Hour at 11:00 a.m. (following our 10:00 a.m. Worship service), there will be a discussion of options for the Preble stained glass windows. The windows task force assigned to review possibilities and make a recommendation to Session would like feedback from the congregation on some options that have been suggested.

  • One would involve building two framed panels on wheels to display the windows as they are pictured above. The panels could perhaps be hinged together like a privacy screen to provide stability.

  • Another option would be to remodel our entryway, moving the door to the center and permanently placing the triptychs on either side of the door.

  • Or perhaps there is a better idea? One suggestion (not measured as of yet) would be to place them in the window upstairs (near the CE area.)

Any option would need to be researched as to cost and feasibility (the first two are in that process) and presented to Session for approval, so come make your thoughts known on Sunday, March 24.
Can't make it on 3/24? Send a message to the windows task force:
First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay | (920) 437-8121 | |