Dear Friend

We are incredibly excited to announce the presence of our Stanton Mobile Medical Clinic at the steps of the Capitol tomorrow morning from 7:30AM to Noon!

During our visit, the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee will be holding a hearing on a new version of the Heartbeat Bill to protect preborn babies from abortion violence when a heartbeat can be detected. Senate Bill 1183 is stronger than the previous version in that a doctor would be subject to criminal penalty when performing an abortion after detection of a fetal heartbeat.
Preborn Babies will testify FOR LIFE!
When the senate committee hearing concludes, our licensed Stanton sonographer and Physician Assistant will be available at the Mobile Clinic as we all celebrate the precious lives of preborn babies via ultrasound.

These babies are being knit together in their mother's womb...with beating hearts. What could be a more powerful testimony for life?

No one deserves more of a voice in this battle than those whose voices are silenced.

This legislation will impact women and their babies in a positive way. We know first-hand that knowledge is power and we are committed to providing each woman with medically accurate information about what is happening in her body during pregnancy, along with medically accurate information about her baby's development.

Please pray for our legislators and all citizens to have a heart for life, and the resolve needed to protect life. Pray for our Stanton Team as we testify in support of SB 1183: The Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act.

The state of Idaho can and should do everything possible to protect the lives of preborn babies. We stand ready to offer women and children what they deserve – help, hope, dignity, purpose, and LIFE.
We invite you to stop by the Stanton Mobile Clinic to say "hi!" and pick up a purple sash as part of our #PurpleSashRevolution! Together, we'll secure #EqualRightsforPrebornWomen #EqualRightsforAll and #EndInfanticide.
The truth of ultrasound ignites a strong bond in a woman for her baby and demonstrates to her the reality that she is, indeed, already a mom. We can't wait to bring this beautiful truth to our Statehouse tomorrow!

Please contact your senator asking them to support this pro-life, pro-woman legislation, Senate Bill 1183.

For Life,
Linda Thomas
Director of Community Outreach