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Dear Partners and Friends,

Warm greetings from Precious Heritage!

We are truly grateful to God for his guidance and protection to our staff and children to protect us being afflicted by the COVID-19. We are very thankful to God because despite of the restrictions imposed by Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) in our local community notwithstanding that some of our regular donors who are greatly affected by pandemic already stopped their provision, the Lord has never left us nor forsake us and continuously supplied all our needs through your generous assistance and faithful partnership. To God be the glory!

PH Children's Home and School


Our wards at PH Children’s Home came back to school again starting this month of August 2021 through our online and modular classes conducted at PH Center. Until now, face-to-face classes are not yet allowed by the government so our school is only operating through online classes and some teachers are working from home. And since we are catering Class-C communities, most of our previous students were greatly affected by pandemic. Our enrollment went down by 45% this academic year because they lack sufficient internet access and laptop, which are both costly in their part to continue their education with us.

PH Food Farm


We thank God for giving us enough space to be utilized as a livelihood training ground for the children as well as source of food in the orphanage. We are still in the process of developing this farm so we aim to plant more trees and vegetables. The children enjoyed the place very much because of the fresh air and wide space to play, and twice a week, older kids volunteer to help us in cleaning and planting vegetables in it.



1. Please help us pray for some financial needs for our farm improvements:

We still need around $650 for the application of water supply and installation materials. The source of water is almost 1 km away from our farm.

We plan to construct a small concrete farm house where children can stay if they visit the farm.

2. We are also in-need of in-kind donations like rice, groceries, milk, vitamins, alcohol and toiletries.

3. Please continue to pray that God will help and guide us in our daily walk and service and keep us protected against COVID-19.

We thank God for those who regularly sends financial supports for our children. Thank you for being with us in bringing LOVE and HOPE to the children in need.

May we feel God's guidance and blessings as we continue in this partnership of helping the less fortunate ones. You are always a part of our prayers!

In Christ’s Service,


Founding Director


 "Helping others is like helping yourself."

Henry Flagler

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