Dear Beloved Partners and Friends,

Loving greetings from Precious Heritage Family!

We always thank the Lord whenever we remember you in our prayers. We pray that your love always abounds in the Lord and His presence be with you always!

On behalf of Precious Heritage family we are truly grateful for your continued prayers and support for our ministries especially for the children in the Philippines!
PH Children's Home
By God’s grace, everyone is in good health, do well in school and happily serving the Lord during Sundays. It is so rewarding that most of our kids are gifted in playing musical instruments, dancing and singing.

Recently, an artist included our home theme song in his album and sell them to our visitors. Proceeds help us in some of our needs. If you wish to hear our song, pls visit
We also praise the Lord for Ms. Lulu Zhao in helping us improve our children’s playground and library inside the PH residential building and donated 3 units of steel cabinets to replace the old ones.

To date, the playground and the library project is now in progress.
We thank God for Ms. Fanny Franco for the 5 units of laptops for our wards and sponsor the education of 4 children from our Bless-a-child program.

We appreciate the gesture of Mr. Anthony Harrus , who, all the way from Australia visited the children and brought gifts and food to all the children.

And for all the groups and individuals who take time to visit our place and bring joy, laughter and cheers to the children. Thank you so much for partnering with us in giving these children a hope and a brighter future. 
May the Lord bless you always for your kindness and generosity!
PH Christian School
We thank God for the Engineering Good Singapore for donating funds for the initial construction of our extension building for the senior high school. This project will be designated for toilets, laboratory and additional classrooms. The project is now on-going!
Lat month, Precious Heritage School celebrates Nutrition Day at PH Center. The celebration started with a parade around the community.
There were by level competition on cooking and preparation of best nutritional food as well as a search for Mr. And Miss Nutrition.

During the program, everyone performed their parts very well. Parents of the students and expectators from the community also graced the affair.
PH Community Services
Before the school opening, PH Bless-a-child Program staff along with their parents brought the children in SM Mall to purchase the children’s school materials and supplies. The kids are very thankful receiving the items being first time to have received new supplies for their studies. We thank God for Carl Salas and Natalya Panchenko of Above Media for providing funds for this activity.
Precious Heritage mission team visited also the children in Meggyland Antipolo to reach some native kids in the mountain and children in the Community. We thank God for our donors who provided clothes, school materials and stuff toys for the kids. Some parents also received used clothes during our visit. There were a lot laughter and everyone is praising the Lord for many things they received during the day.
Please help us to pray for the following needs:

1. Additional funding for the construction of our Laboratory building for the junior high school.

2. Sponsors for the children of our Bless-a-Child Program.

3. Arm-chairs for our junior high school students - $12 each

4. Washing machine for our wards - $200
Again thank you to all my beloved partners and friends for being a blessing. Your ministry to support and pray is truly important. We pray that you may be able to continue supporting the children here as what God has for you to do in response to God’s love in your life. We pray that God will help and guide you as we continue in this partnership of helping the less fortunate ones! 
To God be all the glory!

In the service of the Lord,

Executive Director

Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile. ~Wilfred Grenfell