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Shalom dear partners and friends,

I hope and pray that you are all fine and in good health!

It’s such a blessing to have you as part of Precious Heritage family, please know that we are always praying for you and your family too. May God pour out His grace, mercy and peace afresh upon you, and may His blessing abound in your life according to His richest and glory!
PH Relief Mission in Taal
Precious Heritage mission team visited the Taal Volcano eruption evacuees last January 24 to distribute the food items donated by the students and employees of PH Christian School in Manila and Antipolo. Though the road is not fully passable during that time but the authorities allowed us to enter some roads covered by ashfalls. Along the way, our hearts were aching for the people waving their hands trying to stop us asking for food.
Meeting the children at the evacuation was also heartbreaking for us. Sadness and fear are still obvious in their faces. Their stories how they managed to get to the evacuation areas and how the event changed their lives was indeed very touching. Leaving everything behind and not knowing what will happen to them each day. The government supply of food and water is not enough. They were provided blankets but no pillows and mats. The evacuation center is crowded and uncomfortable. Their health is at stake that they would be needing medicines and vitamins too. We know what we brought them can only help for a day or two and they needed more. So we prayed for them and ask God for His provisions and blessings. 

We finished our distribution before dark time. Leaving the evacuation center, we notice a box of bread and noodles undistributed. Despite the rain (with ashes) we took the steep path where the waving people were (we saw earlier). An old woman told us that she was praying hard since morning for food and she would not go home without something for her little children and so she stayed until dark time for anyone that God would use to answer her prayers. What a faith!
PH Ministry Partnership with Rice Bowls
We praise God even more for the answered prayer! Through God’s grace and Ken Compton’s intervention, Precious Heritage is now  a  new partner of Rice Bowls . With this, Rice Bowls will regularly supply the rice requirements of the orphaned and abandoned kids housed at Precious Heritage Children’s Home in Antipolo. We thank the Lord for the personal visit of Rice Bowls’ officer Mr. Johnny Ramantanin to see the on-going ministry of Precious Heritage to the children in Antipolo. And we praise God for his positive response and the immediate approval of our application. 

Through this great provision Precious Heritage will be able to extend services to more needy children in the Philippines. Praise the Lord!
1. We have 2 kids that are scheduled for matching by Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) early this year. Please pray that they can be adopted by God-fearing and loving parents.
2. Please pray for our plan to construct a small concrete house for our tribal kids in Mindoro worth $2,000. ( Read more information here )

We are so grateful for your prayers and provisions that have been such a vital part of everything that we are doing in this ministry. Thank you for joining hands with us in giving children a hope and a brighter future. We thank God for having you in the service of the Lord.

Blessings in Christ,

Joel B. Santos
Executive Director
We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.
- Winston S. Churchill