Precious Heritage News!

Dear Beloved Partners and Friends,

Greetings from Precious Heritage ministries!

Again, it has been a joy and a blessing serving the Lord in the ministry for children. Despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic, this is still a great year for us seeing the mighty hand of God at work in our midst that guided and provided for our needs. Truly, He is working with us, and we must stay focused on serving Him!

  PH Children's Home

At last, for the most awaited day expected by PHCH wards every summer, during the hottest month of the Philippine calendar, our kids have enjoyed the cold water and elegance of Casa Ellixir Resort in Pagrai, Antipolo City. The environment was full of laughter and everyone felt the warmth of love and fellowship as a family, while they enjoyed swimming, playing and eating together.

It is also good news for everyone because three (3) of our wards have joined our Christian water baptism after their decision to accept the Lord, committed their lives to Him and underwent lessons conducted by the ECF church Pastors. Now they are more than excited to serve the Lord in church music ministry together with the other PHCH kids. Praise God!

Our wards are growing up! This month, we successfully enrolled four (4) of our wards at Fatima University taking up Senior High School Program in preparation for their prefered courses such as nursing, accountancy and engineering while one (1) of them is currently enrolling at Philippine Merchant Marine School in Manila.

The four (4) wards mentioned above were not adopted so they will continue to stay with us until they successfully complete their chosen college course.

This year ahead is the most expensive part in the furtherance of our mission of "Giving children a hope and a brigther future.” We might encounter challenges financially but because this ministry is the Lord’s, so we put our trust in Him.

We thank God for the early answered prayer as Sir Ken Compton of First Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg committed to sponsor two of our wards. We are really grateful to God for calling him and be part of this ministry for many years now.

  PH Community-based Programs

PH Ministries attending the needs of the less fortunate children are now back in action. Just last week, we started our regular feeding program for the children after almost three (3) years. The program was held in abeyance due to the pandemic. Now that the restrictions are relaxed, children can now come to study God’s words and participate in the feeding activities.

Likewise, we continue to minister to the less fortunate children through gift-giving program. During this period, we were able also to distribute food and stuffed toys to the children in Higher Ground Antipolo and Mangyan tribe children in sitio Mantay, Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro. We thank God for all our friends and partners who collected items locally and abroad and sent those to us so they could bring joy and happiness to the children. We were also able to extend clothes to parents who witness the distribution program.

  PH Christian School

We thank God that PH Christian School has successfully passed the requirements set forth by the Department of Education to qualify for the face-to-face classes this academic year which will be targeted to start this coming August 2022. Our wards also volunteered to help in the preparation of our school reopening like repainting the building and walls of the compound. And more than ever, everyone is excited about the upcoming opening of classes to meet their classmates face to face which did not happen for more than 2 years.

Aside from our wards at PH Children’s Home, PH Christian School is also designed to help children from the poorest families by giving them scholarships which we offer to the kids within the community.

Prayer Concerns

Please help us pray for these immediate needs:

1. Tuition and transportation cost of four (4) more children who are enrolled in the university;

2. School uniforms of the children for the upcoming face-to-face classes. The cost per set including shoes is $30;

3. Six (6) orbit fans in our wards' bedrooms. Our old units are already beyond repairs. The cost per unit is $40;

4. Additional two (2) laptop units (new or used) for our older wards;

5. Financial support for our feeding programs for the less-privileged children in our community.

Again, thank you so much for being a blessing here! We know that you have worked hard for the money that you have extended to us. We appreciate it and are very thankful. Words are fleeting, and we want you to know that a simple “thank you” is not enough to describe how deeply we appreciate your support.

May our good Lord continually recompense you for your act of generosity. Know that you are always included in our prayers. We always thank God for everyone who does not stop helping the children and sending funds regularly. On behalf of Precious Heritage, we pray that the Lord bless you and keep you for sharing your lives and resources!

In His service,


Founding Director

“If our poor die of hunger, it is not because God does not care for them. Rather, It is because we are not instruments of love in the hands of God...”

— Mother Teresa