Precious Heritage News
Dear Beloved Partners and Friends,
Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Ten (10) years after we started occupied our home (residential facility) for the neglected, orphaned and abandoned children, we noticed its need for some major repairs and beautification. While on school vacation our wards participated in cleaning up and repainting which they enjoyed so much. So far 90 percent was done already.
Just recently we experienced the hand of God covering this place when the 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook the island of Luzon including metro manila. As reported, many were trapped, hurt and died when a building which collapsed, many establishments and residences were also damaged including an airport terminal.
During that time of the incident, our neighbors were all outside their houses crying, shouting and praying. It was a miracle indeed because no one felt any shaking. Both our wards and house parents never felt the ground shaking. Thanks God for the divine protection and covering!

We praise the Lord for the life of Heidi Dollete f or finishing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of East Manila. Heidi has been the recipient of Precious Heritage Community-based Program in Antipolo. Through the kindness and generosity of MS. ZHAO, LULU who offered her full financial support in her studies, Heidi Graduated the degree last April 26, 2019. She plans to undertake review classes for Psychometrician Board and will serve Precious Heritage while taking further education.
Last week, our church conducted a family outing and baptism in an Agri-resort in Padre Burgos, Quezon. We took advantage this opportunity to bring most of our kids to enjoy the beach.
Here are some of the projects that you can help us pray for or involve in:

1. Tribal kids building Construction good for 20 kids - $2,000

2. School uniforms and shoes this school opening comes June 14, 2019 - $500

3. 2 units of Laptops for wards’ school use - $500 each

4. Sponsorship of children from the poorest families in the community - $10 per child.
Lastly, we thank God for blessing us with partners and friends who supported us prayerfully and financially to enable us to help more less privileged children in the Philippines. Because of you Precious Heritage was able to minister continuously to those people whose hope is in God alone. Indeed God has touched many lives through your collaborative efforts. I'm so thankful as God's servant and I believe that He would continue to pour His abundant blessings upon you to recompense your love and generosity to us.

Thank you for being a blessing to the children in need! We are grateful to God for having you in the service of the Lord.

In His service,

Executive Director

“The greatest happiness in the world is in helping the people you don't know and seeing them happy.” ― A. Naskar