Precious Heritage Update!
Our Beloved Partners and Friends!

Warm greetings from Precious Heritage!

Philippines tops the list of countries affected by Covid-19 in the whole Asia. Everyday, more than 200 cases are added and mortality rate is higher than those who recovers.

Due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine, people are barred from working. The food supplies from our government are not sufficient for the normal consumption of a family thus going out to look for food, medicine and other needs cause people to become restless. Though some families received amelioration from the government, but majority didn’t.

Precious Heritage, having community-based programs is in contact with the poorest of the poor. Beneficiaries of feeding and scholarship programs are greatly affected by this pandemic. One child beneficiary said to our social worker; “Covid-19 made our lives more miserable, before we eat at least 2x a day, now we are lucky if we have even rice on our table”. It is really heart-breaking to hear it from a 6 year-old.
For the past one month, while under the nationwide community quarantine, Precious Heritage was able to help some families in Manila and Antipolo City. We we were able to distribute around 100 food packs to most needy families good for two days only.

Medical experts say, the virus will continue until early or middle of 2021 if people will not follow the government orders to stay at home. Whether this is true or not, we can not just watch our fellowmen to die of hunger. So we want to move now and be of help since we have many friends who can possibly extend kindness thru giving.
We are praying to raise funds for a week of supply for 300 (or more ) families. You can help us by sponsoring a food pack per family worth $20.00 (Php 1,000) that includes rice, canned goods, noodles, bread, vegetables and meat etc. Our call for help is very urgent, we will appreciate if you could help us the soonest.
Since Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation is involved in community services, we are allowed by the government to purchase bulk of food supplies for distribution at any store. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us whenever you are interested to extend help. Your support is very important to help urban poor families in these difficult times.Your love and concern for the less fortunate ones will be always appreciated and remembered.

May the Lord richly bless you and keep you!
“Alone We can Do A Little, Together We Can Do Much”
Blessings in Christ,

Joel B. Santos
Executive Director
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