News from Your Federated Agronomists | January 29, 2019
Precision Ag Upgrades Benefit Growers, Soil, and Bottom Line
Things are always changing with technology, and to keep pace with ongoing advances in precision ag, last summer the Federated Agronomy team moved from an outdated software system to precision ag software from Proagrica, a global company that “pioneered geospatial data in connecting agriculture to the world,” said Gustafson, manager of Federated’s Albertville agronomy center... Read more.
Pre-Emerge Herbicides Need Post-Emerge Clean-up
There are fundamental principles for managing weeds in soybeans that apply to all tillage systems and trait platforms, including conventional systems. Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy manager, said, “One of the most important principles is to start with a good pre-emerge program that has residual control of problematic, resistant weeds.”
Whether it’s no-till, minimum till, or conventional tillage (though in no-till we also add burn down), Roundup Ready ® , Liberty ® , Xtend ® , Enlist ® , or conventional crops, “they all start with a good pre-emerge herbicide program... Read more.
Secondary Nutrient
Doesn’t Mean Second Place
Sulfur (S) is a secondary nutrient, not because it is of lesser importance to corn, soybean, or alfalfa plants, but because plants use sulfur in smaller quantities than they use the primary (macro) nutrients of N, P, and K.

Sulfur is a part of every cell in the plant... Read more.
Grower Workshop Dates
It’s not too early to reserve your place at Federated’s 2019 Grower Workshops. This year’s events will be held in early to mid-March at the following locations. Watch for more information in upcoming Agronomy Updates . Every workshop begins at 10 a.m. and concludes with lunch. RSVP to your local Federated Agronomist.

Mon., March 11 – Albertville, City Hall
Tues., March 12 – Rush City, Chuckers Bowl
Wed., March 13 – Ogilvie, Northern Lights (Pease)
Thurs., March 14 – Osceola, American Legion (St. Croix Falls)
Fri., March 15 – Isanti, Captains on Long Lake
Dicamba Training Required
Engenia® herbicide, a BASF product, has been re-registered with a requirement of annual dicamba training for all applicators. BASF will offer this training at several Minnesota locations in late January and early February.
This course is currently only available on site, in person. Online training is not offered. Go to the Minnesota Crop Production Retailers events calendar to register for one of the public BASF-sponsored dicamba training sessions. (Bayer-sponsored dicamba training sessions are also listed on the link.)
Craig Gustafson, Federated’s director of agronomy operations, noted that any customers who plan on using Engenia need to take this course before they can purchase (from Federated) and apply dicamba on Xtend® soybeans. Proof of this training will be required at the point of sale.