Issue #7
A "Wicked Problem": Racism and Race in Precision Medicine
Precision medicine promises new discoveries that will result in better outcomes, value, and equity in health care. It achieves this by synthesizing vast amounts of data across the health sciences. But what if the data are tainted by false or downright racist assumptions?
Data-Driven Drug Dosing Speeds Tuberculosis Treatment
Data analysis from the largest randomized, FDA-approved tuberculosis drug trial has led to a new regimen that offers better treatment for millions of patients worldwide.
Precision Medicine in Action
AI Algorithm Matches Cardiologists’ Expertise, While Explaining Its Decisions
Geoffrey H. Tison, MD, MPH, led development of an AI algorithm that outperformed commercial ECG analysis algorithm and proved comparable to expert cardiologists. 
A New Video Created by BCHSI Showcases SPOKE and the Knowledge Network 
UCSF SPOKE project featured at NSF Convergence Accelerator Expo
Kathryn Phillips Published Blog Post in Health Affairs on Latest Controversy Over Alzheimer’s Drug Aducanumab
Kathryn Phillips, PhD, Director of TRANSPERS, questions how patient eligibility will be determined.
Barbara Koenig Retires
After serving as director of the UCSF Bioethics Program since 2016, Barbara Koenig, PhD, RN retired at the end of June. Koenig is a UCSF alum and returned to UCSF in 2011 to join the School of Nursing's Institute for Health and Aging after starting ethics programs at Stanford and the Mayo Clinic.
Funding Opportunities
The PBBR Fall funding cycle has opened, submissions are due October 22.
The Resource Allocation Program (RAP)
The RAP Fall funding cycle has opened, submissions are due September 27th.
Honors & Awards
Atul Butte, MD, PhD, was selected as a 2021 ISCB Distinguished Fellow. Atul was also included among 30 health influencers to follow by HealthTech.
Hani Goodarzi, PhD received the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science for using modeling and computational methods to uncover novel molecular players and pathways and therapeutic targets in cancer metastasis and for developing sophisticated molecular tools for the early detection and monitoring of cancer.
Franklin Huang, MD, PhD is leading the Prostate Cancer Center for Excellence at SFVAMC, with work directly related to Precision Medicine for cancer therapies.
Ophir Klein, MD, PhD has been appointed Director for the Institute for Human Genetics. Read the announcement here.

Peter Turnbaugh, PhD is a 2021 Finalist (Life Sciences) for the prestigious Blavatnik Awards.   
TRANPERS has been awarded a 5-Year NIH Grant to build an evidence base for policies on emerging genomic tests. 
October 5
Improving Diversity of the Genomics Workforce: A NASEM Workshop, the Roundtable on Genomics and Precision Health will host a virtual workshop from 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST on the topic of improving diversity of the genomics workforce. 
October 13
The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Policy and Ethics , hosted by the UCSF Science Policy Group 
January 26-28, 2022
The Precision Medicine World Conference will highlight precision medicine approaches in emerging therapeutics, the clinic, COVID-19, data sciences, real-world evidence and much more.
The Elements of Precision Medicine