Issue # 3, August 2020
Precision Population Health:
Joining Forces to Reduce Disparities
Since UCSF hosted the Precision Public Health Summit in 2016, the institution has advocated for a targeted approach to public health, in line with the principles of Precision Medicine. This strategy requires a close integration of community partnerships, the basic, clinical and social sciences, and large-scale computational tools. The struggle to stem the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates how this process works in practice.
3D Facial Scans Could Speed Diagnoses for Children with Rare Genetic Diseases
The automated diagnostic approach developed in this study by Ophir Klein, MD, PhD et al, could extend the ability of clinical geneticists to diagnose patients without requiring travel to a specialized clinic.
New Model Illustrates Breast Cancer’s Causes 
Robert A. Hiatt, MD, PhD, and his team created a new model, called Paradigm II, which shows 96 potential interactions between biological, behavioral, social and physical domains of breast cancer causation.
Precision Medicine in Action
Largest-Ever Study of Prostate Cancer Genomics in Black Men IDs Potential Targets for Precision Therapies
Co-author Franklin Huang points to the need to examine environmental and social inequities known to influence health outcomes.
Tri-Institutional Partnership Seeds Microbiome Research
A unique aspect of the partnership is its data-driven focus and data infrastructure, brought through the participation of the National Microbiome Data Collaborative.

Funding Opportunities
The Resource Allocation Program (RAP), which manages the dissemination, submission, review and award of various intramural funding opportunities, announces the Fall 2020 Funding Cycle: Call opens August 24.
  • Submission deadline: September 21
Honors & Awards

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The Elements of Precision Medicine