Issue # 5, February 2021
Disrupter and Catalyst –
Precision Medicine in the Year of COVID-19
Freely accessible for the first time, the virtual Precision Medicine World Conference on COVID-19 (PMWC) drew more than four times its normal attendance in January, with over 10,000 registrants from 97 countries. Eleven UCSF faculty, the largest contingent from any institution, discussed their work, challenges, and breakthroughs.
Affordability or Value? Which is Key in Precision Medicine? 
In an article in Science, a TRANSPERS team led by Kathryn Phillips, PhD, and including Jeroen Jansen, PhD, and Christopher Weyant, PhD, argue that is has to be both.
A New Vision for NIH
A report issued by the Coalition for Life Sciences and chaired by Keith Yamamoto, PhD, calls for an enhanced NIH that seeks and rewards bold science and supports well-conceived, broadly-scoped initiatives, including precision medicine.
Precision Medicine in Action
New Video Shows Precision Medicine "In Motion"
Precision medicine is a dynamic process integrating every aspect of science. Using COVID-19 as an example, this video demonstrates how precision medicine works on the ground to improve health for individual patients and communities.
Spotlight: PM Programs at Other UC Campuses
PM at UC Davis
The Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences at UC Davis Health, led by Fred Meyers, MD, includes a precision nutrition program, data science infrastructure solutions, and a focus on the career development of the next generation of diverse, team-based scholars.
Funding Opportunities
RAP Program Spring Cycle

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Honors & Awards
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Save the Date: PMWC 2021 Silicon Valley
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The Elements of Precision Medicine