The National Preconception Health + Health Care Initiative                                                                                                                                    April 2018
Mark Your Calendar! 

Friday, April 6th at 12pm ET - Consumer and Community Engagement Strategies, PCHHC CoIIN Webinar:
Tara Bristol, MA, Patient and Family Engagement Consultant, and Brandi Collins-Calhoun, Director of Reproductive and Maternal Health, YWCA Greensboro, NC, will share information to support providers and professionals in engaging and learning from patients, as well as the local community organizations that also serve their patients. This will include practical strategies that  teams will be able to use not only for the Preconception CoIIN project, but other activities. Click here for access
Black Mamas Matter Alliance is organizing and launching the inaugural Bl ack Maternal Health Week on April 11-17, 2018. The #BMHW2018  campaign is working to raise awareness, inspire activism, an d enhance organizing for maternal health in communitie s of color.  We're proud to join them on their mission to advance Black maternal health, rights, and justice. Click to see the latest.

Monday, April 16th at 1pm ET - Preconception Health in the Netherlands Webinar: Learn what is happening in Rotterdam, Netherlands to advance preconception health care. Professor Eric Steegers and professor RĂ©gine Steegers-Theunissen will share best practices to advance the quality of women's care. Click here for access.

Tuesday, April 17th at 1pm ET - Preconception  Health Equity in Context Webinar: Cornell Wright, MPA, Executive Director of the Office on Minority Health and Health Disparities in NC, is leading the nation in discussions about health equity. During this presentation, Cornell will be applying this concept to our work in advancing preconception health care across the nation. How can we better frame preconception health messages in a way that resonates with minority and marginalized populations? He will share what is being done this Minority Health Awareness Month to bring these topics forward. Click here for access.

Missed our "Preconception Screening Tools & Resources" or 
"My Health eSnapshot: Improving PCH in Canada" webinars last month?  Find archived webinars here. 

IM CoIIN "Universal" TA Webinar SeriesFamily and Consumer Engagement will take place Wednesday, April  25, 3:30-5pm ET (details TBA). This webinar series is led by the DATA team (Abt Associates) and open to all CoIIN teams.  
National Minority Health Month
April is #NMHM18, and this year's theme is  Partnering for Health Equity.
There are easy ways you can get involved and support: Read more about the resources available through the Office of Minority Healthfind local events and resources on the Office of Minority Health's website and social media and Join the Thunderclap to kick off #NMHM18,   Happening April 2nd at 12 pm ET. 
"Leading with Equity" Resources
TEDxUNC Salon #WhatIfMCH explored how we can push ourselves and our communities to imagine what could be improved in the lives of the moms and children we serve. Here are two of our favorite must watch speakers.

"Running Together to Create a Culture of Health and to  Help Racism ," presented by Rend  Smith, Black Man Running. 
"Running is political, and so is health...WE ARE #FREEMOVEMENT  Runners." Learn what it means to take back public space. 

"Leading with Equity," presented by Gita Gulati-Partee, CoreAlign.
  "Death by racism happens all the time...What it is not, is inevitable." 

NPR Code Switch: Race and Identity Remixed 
Great podcast that explores the overlapping themes of race, ethnicity and culture, how they play out in our lives and communities, and how all of this is shifting.


A peer-reviewed open access journal that meets the urgent need for authoritative information about health disparities and health equity among vulnerable populations. 

Racial Equity Institute
Subscribe to their newsletter for an email filled with curriculum and the latest resources to help individuals better understand race, racism, and equity from a variety of perspectives. 
Consumer & Community Engagement Toolkit
Community Health Assessment Toolkit
Community engagement in healthcare has great long term benefits as it's focus is to collaborate with various stakeholders, consumers and healthcare workers on how to address community needs. However, knowing where to begin to foster those relationships between consumers and healthcare can be overwhelming. The American Hospital Association has provided an interactive toolkit that takes you step by step through that process to help ensure that your goals are being met. 

Show Your Love Turns FIVE! 

The original Show Your Love campaign was launched on Valentine's Day in 2013, so we gathered some of our partners for a "Celebration Across the Nation." We are proud of the progress we've made, but we have so much more ahead of us!
We will be celebrating all year long, so it's not too late to send a well wish and photo!

What does it mean to #ShowYourLoveToday?
  • We can show love to ourselves by taking care of our health - starting now, with whatever we are able to do.
  • We can be intentional about our daily health behaviors and make informed decisions about our reproductive goals.
  • By taking an active role in managing our own health and learning about local resources, we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves.
  • With many people relying on us, we have the potential to be a positive influence and provide support with accurate, actionable information.
How do you Show Your Love - for yourself and for the people you love? By staying up to date on accurate health information and knowing what local resources are available, you'll be in a better position to be intentional and informed as you make decisions or support someone managing their health. HERE you can find the best resources available for a variety of health and wellness topics. The more you know, the better you can grow! 
Click here to read specific ways you can you get involved with the Show Your Love campaign.
Check out our #ShowYourLoveToday Ambassador blog series HERE. Some of our Ambassadors are sharing important preconception health messages and ways they show their love to themselves. 
Raising the Questions in Reproductive Life Planning
"Although there is great potential for positive public health impacts in unintended pregnancy, contraceptive use and improved preconception health, the true benefit lies within 
reinforcing reproductive empowerment."
Merry-K Moos and Jessica Morse authored a new report in  the Journal of Maternal and Child Health.  The report explores how reproductive life planning process can grant women and men the opportunity to consider how reproduction fits within the context of their broader lives. Within a clinical encounter, reproductive life planning allows counseling and care to be tailored to patient preferences.The article also acknowledges the need to further understand how this affects equity and outcomes.  
Body Art, Oral Care, Premature Menopause and More: Check Out This Great Monthly Resource
Every Woman Southeast distributes a newsletter each month on a specific topic related to women's health and wellness. The original writing that's featured is a source to re-purpose for your own outreach content. The newsletters include great resources and evergreen content. Just remember to cite us! Click here to see the archived newsletters and topics.

Women's Nutrition is the theme for this month's Every Woman Southeast newsletter. Click here to read. 
Preconception Health Bi-weekly Updates
Sign up for the  CDC's bi-weekly updates on preconception and interconception health by  emailing Cheryl Robbins  ( A great resource for everything happening in the industry, across the country - and world!
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Confronting Biases in Healthcare and
Community Outreach
We are kicking off April (Minority Health Awareness Month) with some great resources that challenge the way we approach health care services, tool development, team work, and more. You'll find information about creative ways you and your teams can get involved with various awareness day and support communities and campaigns that are confronting health equity issues head-on. Read on!
The A.S.K. For Your Life Campaign
Promoting Racial Equality in Healthcare
The ASK for Your Life Campaign was developed to empower African American patients and their families to obtain safe, quality care. It is a multimedia educational and interactive program with techniques and communication skills recommended by experts in patient safety and healthcare disparities. The Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy (CPSEA) started the Healthcare Equality Project (HCE) to help improve healthcare experiences for vulnerable populations. A.S.K: Stands for 1) Ask questions until you understand the answers, 2) Speak up if something's not right, and 3) Know your body, your conditions, your medications and test results.  
This is a great resource to learn about health inequities and how YOU can take action! There is a glossary of terms and videos to examine racial bias in healthcare. 
Watch three videos that explore the unequal treatment and suggestions for solutions to patients:  
In "ask for your life" the patient is confused by her doctors explanation.
In "teach back" the patient is concerned the doctor may be rushing and not focused on her care.
In "start over" the patient speaks up when the doctor assumes she has the same problem, treated unsuccessfully, in the past. 

Partner with them in empowering members of your community for better health outcomes in this potentially life-saving effort. 
Learn more and join the campaign:
Project Implicit Mental Health (PIMH) Bias Assessment
It's can be difficult to recognize what your own unconscious or uncontrolled biases might be. Harvard University has created the Implicit Association Test (IAT) to help you realize your thoughts that exist outside of conscious awareness or conscious control. The tests require less than 10 minutes. You will receive feedback about your performance and access to more information about automatic thoughts and mental health. 
Patient-Centered Design Quick Clips
Here are some easy to watch clips that can help you better serve the needs of patients. These short video clips can be used as a quick guide as you meet with your CoIIN teams and clinic / community partners to decide who should be involved in the design process, at which point, and why. 
Click below to watch:

Incorporating the patient as a co-designer in the screening tool development process: 

 How and why clinicians can partner with patients to improve care. 

Sharing, Celebrating, Challenging & Uniting with Twitter Storms

Tweet Chats, Tweet Storms, Twitter parties - all terms for a live-discussion on social media, focused around a particular topic, tied together through a specific hashtag. Tweet chats are an effective way to showcase your expertise and link to your resources to a very large audience all at once. The chat itself lasts about an hour on Twitter, with a host asking Qs and the panel/contributors responding with As. 

PCHHC and partners have teamed up for monthly Tweet chats to highlight resources, challenges, and opportunities to advance health in the U.S. from a variety of perspectives.  Most recently, PCHHC partnered  for a #HerHealthHistory Bilingual Tweet chat.  Tied to Women's History Month, #HerHealthHistory focused on the changing health care needs through the stages of a woman's life and celebrated the advancements in women's care over the years.

In a short hour, #HerHealthHistory reached over 1,477,749 Twitter accounts. Here's an example of the Tweet Chat Q/A conversation format. 
PCHHC has partnered with the March of Dimes and Care We Deserve to organize Tweet chats each month around specific women and men's health topics.  The next Tweet Chat we're excited to promote and support is  #Partnering4HealthEquity chat on Twitter on April 25 from 2-3pm ET. 

Be on the look out for details about a Women's Health Month, Men's Health Month, and Pride Week Tweet Chat for the next few themes. If you are interested in contributing to the Chat as a partner or have questions about how to organize or join a Tweet chat, email 
Custom Social Media  Questionnaires
If you are on Instagram, you may have seen these screenshot, type-in questionnaires posted on Insta (or Facebook)-Stories. These are a fun way to get to know people, learn fun facts about others, and engage with your audience. We've created #ShowYourLoveToday questionnaires on a variety of focus areas ("About Me," goals, relationships, health tracking, etc.).  Not on social media? You don't NEED social media to do this. Send these templates to your team or friends to fill out and circulate 
among each other!
How these work: 1) screenshot the template, 2) screenshots are editable (on iPhones), so you'll be able to type/draw on the image to write your answers, 3) save the template with your information filled in, 4) upload to your Instagram story (tag @ShowYourLoveToday) or email it to for a feature. Here are some examples & where to find them:
Interested in using or creating a questionnaire for your team, patients, or friends to use? Email for a custom questionnaire . We will be featuring some people and their questionnaire responses in the coming week. Follow along!