March 2016
More evidence about the risks of the Zika virus in pregnant women is emerging every day. Check out the latest Zika overview here and this blog for policy implications. The CDC is hosting a summit next month to address Zika's anticipated arrival to the U.S. In collaboration with the CDC, AAP released free training trials for resident and pediatrician training on caring for infants whose mothers may have been infected. The latest travel advisory,  Revision to CDC's Zika Travel Notices, can be found here.

A recent Pediatrics report highlighted NICU care and outcomes improvements from the 100,000 Babies Campaign, including increased use of corticosteroids, greater exposure to human milk, and decreases in mortality, late-onset sepsis, NEC, ROP, and catheter-associated infections.
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Led by ACOG in collaboration with the AAP, ACNM, and others, a task force report recommended that cross-specialty providers employ  team-based care , explaining that a team model improves health, lowers costs, and improves patient experiences.
RSV Shown to Spread by Aerosol
Recent research showed that many  aerosolized particles containing RSV were generated by infants with bronchiolitis and can remain airborne for a long time. The particles can be inhaled and move through the respiratory tract, increasing spread of infection.

Asthma Heightens Risk of Prematurity 
A study recently published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology  found that asthmatic moms were more likely to deliver preemies. There were increases in preterm birth in asthmatic women exposed to air pollution, and those  exposed to pollutants in the three months before conception were at a higher risk for preterm birth than women without asthma.

Breast Milk Impacts NEC
A new study in Breastfeeding Medicine reveals that extremely premature infants who received an exclusive human milk-based diet (HUM) had a significantly lower incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis and mortality than those who did not receive exclusive HUM. 


Rep. Katherine Clar k (D-Mass) recently introduced the Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act , aimed at  increasing and improving depression screening for new moms.  Clark's bill builds upon existing state and local efforts to develop programs for better postpartum depression screening and treatment.

Check out the National Association of Neonatal Nurses  scholarships and contests, including the  Brighter Tomorrows Story Contest. To enter, share your  story about working in the NICU f or a chance to win complimentary registration for NANN's  32nd Annual Educational Conference  in Palm Springs, California.

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