Prefect Program
Dear Fifth Grade Families,

As you may know, last year we initiated a new program for our fifth graders. In Ancient Rome, the term praefectus referred to leaders in multiple contexts. In more recent centuries, schools have appointed prefects to act as guides and helpers to younger students. Our Prefect Program stands in that tradition of giving the oldest students on our campus an opportunity to grow in leadership, responsibility, and virtue overall.

Our Prefect Program is ready to begin for the 2020-2021 school year. We have spoken with the students, and those interested in serving as prefects have completed an application explaining why they would make a responsible prefect. There are a variety of responsibilities our prefects will take turns fulfilling, such as flag raising and lowering, leading our scholars in the morning pledges over our PA system, acting as hallway monitors, and serving as library ambassadors.

We are excited to see your children show integrity and embrace this opportunity. To help guide and support the students, Ms. Genevieve Jenkins will oversee our Prefect Program this year. If you have questions, please email Ms. Jenkins at

Thank you, parents, for sharing your children with us each day and partnering with us in this noble work.

Warm regards,
Marcy Finn
Headmaster, Lower School
Great Hearts Irving
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