September, 2016

Mauck & Baker filed a lawsuit challenging the North Carolina decision to prohibit Hand of Hope from providing young women with free pregnancy education and support at its property abutting Preferred Women’s Health abortion clinic on the same road. 

The results of this ruling may impact Mauck & Baker’s recently filed Illinois federal lawsuit if the established precedent in Welch v. Brown influences district court opinion concerning whether free speech in Pastors Protecting Youth is protected.
Mauck & Baker attorney Sorin Leahu will be a guest speaker at an upcoming benefit for Alliance Defending Freedom.
Please feel free to attend this event for October 16th at St. Andrew's Golf Club in West Chicago.

Read the full description for more details and RSVP information.

Andrew Willis says a fond farewell to Mauck & Baker as he begins law school this season. Andrew worked as the Communications Manager at Mauck & Baker for about a year and a half.
Attorney Noel Sterett speaks with David French, staff writer at National Review, constitutional law attorney, and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.The state of religious liberty in the United States "is on the ropes," according to French. He describes it as being on the "legal and cultural defensive. The momentum is on the side, for the moment, of those who would seek to suppress religious liberty." 
A Legal Guide for Ministries on Political Engagement.
Kimberley Strassel is the  author of the new book, The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech.

Brotherhood Mutual's 10 Things You Should Know About the Fair Labor Standards Act guide is an essential risk management resource for churches and related ministries.

This resource was created especially with church administrators in mind, and provides instructions, tips, and links to sample forms and checklists on a variety of topics concerning the recent updates to the FLSA laws.
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