A federal judge granted a temporary injunction covering all Illinois pro-life pregnancy centers and pro-life medical professionals from having to comply with the new abortion law that says pregnancy centers and pro-life medical professionals must tell patients about abortion as an option and refer them to an abortion clinic. 
 "We are opening," said Pastor Fred Fields. "We are going to get it done. We've gone through a lot, but nothing that's going to stop us.

This year Mauck & Baker had two talented interns, one returning from last summer and one a Blackstone Legal Fellow join the firm for six weeks. Read what they have to say about their experiences here at Mauck & Baker. 

Jesus in the Courtroom

Listen to this recorded 10-minute interview about Jesus in the Courtroom on Mark Elfstrand's afternoon radio show. John Mauck discusses the legal aspects of Jesus’ ministry, which have long been obscured or misunderstood, particularly His interactions with and attitude toward the law and lawyers.

This November, Harvest Bible  Church will host Salt Summit, an event that seeks to equip 21st century Christian leaders with real-time tools that will create a heightened awareness of how cultural beliefs shape the world of politics, social justice, economics, and cultural discourse.
Celebrating Life from Its True Beginning
Birthdays are great, but Qi Yuan Day recognizes when life really starts: at conception. Check out this new initiative to change how people view the beginning of life and celebrate it! 

Husband and Wife Ambassador Team for Alliance Defending Freedom 

Husband and wife team Grady and Lora Sue are one of seven couples in Illinois who are Ambassadors with Alliance Defending Freedom. If you are interested in supporting ADF, consider attending their upcoming banquet this fall. For complete details, click here.
Interview about Couple's Adoption Journey
Adoption is a key part of the Gospel and should be a part of Christian church culture. Listen to this recent episode where a father shares his and his wife's story about their adoption journey.

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Past guests include apologist Nabeel Qureshi , National Review writer David French, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel, and others.  
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