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Issue 15 November/December 2017
Prem Watsa, CEO of Fairfax Financial Visits SIGMA 

null SIGMA was honored to have Prem Watsa, CEO of Fairfax Financial and an investor in SIGMA 3.0, attend the 4th quarter Executive Management Team Meeting.

Called "The Warren Buffet of Canada", Mr. Watsa is a long time friend of SIGMA Chairman & CEO Victor Pais. The two met in college at the India Institute of Technology, and have remained close for 50 years.

Mr. Watsa addressed the SIGMA team eloquently. He discussed his approach to the business, recognizing SIGMA as a long-term investment, and articulating his wish to keep the company intact, respecting the knowledge and expertise of the employees.

During the meetings, Mitchell Rona, Executive Vice President, outlined plans for SIGMA OEM in 2018 and beyond.
"Take a Seat" Barstool Promotion
SIGMA OEM is pleased to announce our "Take a Seat" Barstool Promotion. Customers who book a new tooling and sample order on a project valued $100K or more between January 1 and June 30, 2018 will receive two SIGMA OEM bar stools.

With over 30 years' experience in supply chain and logistics management, SIGMA OEM takes the stress out of global sourcing and manufacturing. So relax. Have a seat. Let us take care of the rest.

For more information, please contact Melissa Perrine at .
SIGMA OEM's Clothing Bins Withstand Hurricane Maria  

When Hurricane Maria, the strongest hurricane ever to hit Puerto Rico, made landfall on September 20, the island was pummeled with 155 mph winds and storm surges of up to nine feet. The winds and floodwater left devastation in their wake, and the island continues to struggle with lack of power, sanitation, and communication.

In the aftermath of the storm, we received a photo of SIGMA OEM clothing recycle bins, which were unaffected, despite massive winds, floods, and destruction all around. The photo shows a heavily damaged building with the pristine recycle bins in the foreground, demonstrating the strength and durability of the product.

To support our friends and customers in Puerto Rico, SIGMA sent a container of water and gas tanks for distribution to hurricane victims. Additional financial donations to support hurricane relief and recovery efforts can be made here: .
SIGMA OEM Delivers on Domestic Product for Rail Customer  

SIGMA OEM continues to expand our supply chain and our customer base. As a result, we are growing and and diversifying the industries we serve. Recently, SIGMA OEM worked with a customer in the rail business to supply castings for a municipal project. The customer required domestic product, and SIGMA OEM was able to source the materials through a domestic supplier partner with a US based manufacturing facility. As a result, the customer was able to meet the budget, the sourcing specification, and the deadline, and he won the bid.  To date, SIGMA OEM has secured contracts of nearly $3 million for domestically produced rail castings for this customer.  We have successfully expedited the product launches to meet the short timelines on the various phases of the project.

As a US based provider of castings and fabrications, machining, assemblies and finished coatings, SIGMA OEM has over 30 years' experience in supply chain & logistics management, product sourcing, and overseas manufacturing. SIGMA OEM can also be your source for domestically manufactured castings and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) products. 

For additional information about SIGMA OEM, please contact McGustavus Miller, Jr. at or 609-901-1073.
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