March 2016
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March is here, and spring is just around the corner as predicted by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day. It's been a busy time around here lately with community activities as well as our day to day goal of keeping your IT working efficiently without interruption.
In fact, we are constantly improving our response and resolution times for our clients - our response time for a service issue has decreased from an average of three hours to two hours. Resolving a service issue has also recently improved with most issues "cured" within a business day. This is progress in our eyes (and hopefully is helping your bottom line), and we plan to continue this trend!
Check out our new product and service offerings below that might benefit your business. Give us a call to learn more.
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Happenings Around Town

The Red Cross Boot Scoot Boogie                            Columbia County Chamber
                                                                                             Business Showcase
Cammie Jones, Marketing Director, at the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase & Annual Dinner February 4
Premier Networx sponsored the 2016 Red Cross Augusta Boot Scoot Boogie on Saturday, February 6.




Now Offering Cloud Storage & Email Encryption Solution
Premier Networx is now offering a HIPAA compliant cloud storage and email encryption solution. 
Benefits of using this product are:
- unlimited online file storage
- ability to email or share large files (up to 10GB)
- full encryption
- unlimited bandwidth for downloads and transfers
  - unlimited outside users
  - email encryption
  - HIPAA compliant
Give Premier Networx a call to learn more about this product at 706.426.6313.
Win a Premier Networx Cooler!
This is not just your ordinary cooler. It's an Orca, and it is amazing. You could be a lucky winner - "Like" us and "Share" us on Facebook, and let us know why you chose Premier Networx as your IT provider including details about how we have helped your business.  A lucky winner will be chosen just before Masters Week.

Technology Tip - Securely Disposing of Mobile Devices
Do you plan on giving away or selling one of your older mobile devices? Make sure you wipe or reset your device before disposing of it. If you don't, the next person who owns it will have access to all of your accounts and personal information, and we all know this is definitely not a good idea.
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Please let us know how your Augusta IT Guys can continue to provide the best service for you. Thank you for your business!

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