Members of FFN's fourth Nebraska Early Childhood Policy Leadership Academy (PLA) class have convened to begin building advocacy skills to advance early childhood policy. The select group includes early childhood professionals, K-12 administrators, higher education administrators and educators, business and economic developers, community leaders and a Fulbright scholar specializing in child health disparities.

During their six months in the program, members will study principles and strategies of building an early childhood movement in their communities and across the state. Their work will include analyzing local early childhood infrastructure and its connection to their community, gaining an insider understanding of policymaking at the local and state levels, identifying and mobilizing local resources and positioning themselves as credible sources of information and insight for elected officials.

PLA is a flagship project of First Five Nebraska and is the state's premier, non-partisan leadership development initiative designed to improve the lives of Nebraskans, especially our youngest, through effective grassroots advocacy.