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Join the fun: You could win a $25 SteelNavel.com gift certificate for you and a friend. Enter by next Wednesday at midnight.

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Gorilla Glass Body Jewelry News!
Septum tusks are not just black!

The Gorilla Glass septum tusks are now available in nine colors including red and black shown here.

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Barbs are now available in larger sizes!

Clear Gorilla Glass Barbs are now available in 9/16" through 1"!

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The Gorilla Glass single flared dichroic plugs are available in new colors and new gauges!

The two new colors are Deep Purple and Red Gold.

And they are now available in 2g and 1g.

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New Diablo, Gorilla Glass and NeoMetal Jewelry
Pair of Glass Solid Eclipses
Pair of Glass Solid Eclipses with Matte Finish
Threadless Titanium Multi-Facted Gem Flower End
Pair of Bone Square Spirals
Pair of Ebony Tempests
Pair of Glass Solid Ovoids
Pair of Glass Martele Solid Ovoids
Pair of Glass Solid Kettlebells
Pair of Glass Martele Solid Kettlebells
Silver Metallic Drawstring Pouch
Gold Metallic Drawstring Pouch
Pair of Bone Spirals
Steel Navel Customer Service
Steel Navel Body Jewelry
(503) 967-7602
Get 10% off Storewide Through Monday
Use discount code "SN61215" to save 10% on everything in our store. 

This 10% off discount is available on any orders you enter it on while the discount code is valid. 

Getting your 10% discount is easy. Just enter the discount code "SN61215" (do not enter the quote marks) in the Discount Code box in the shopping cart and click the Update button.

Be sure to enter the discount code and click the "Update" button because the discount cannot be applied to your order after you submit it.
Offer Expires 6/15/2015 at midnight . (All times are in the Pacific Time Zone.)

Discounts CANNOT be used for custom or special order items.