Small employers that meet the criteria established under HRS §393-45 can request premium supplementation from the State of Hawaii’s special fund, regardless of whether their health plan is “ACA-compliant” or grandmothered. This allows eligible employers to receive partial reimbursement of health care premiums paid. In essenunderce, an employer qualifies if:

  • You have fewer than 8 employees entitled to Prepaid health coverage;
  • Your plan is an approved 7(a) plan (Note: All HMAA plans are approved under 7(a) with the exception of the PPO (7b) and EPO Plans);
  • Your share of the premium cost (single coverage only) exceeds 1.5% of the total wages payable to such employees, and the amount of such excess is greater than 5% of the employer’s income before taxes; and
  • Your company is in business for profit, and the request for funds is filed within two years after the end of your taxable year.

For more information, contact the Hawaii DLIR at (808) 586-9239.