April 2019

"It really is okay for there to be times when you stop putting everyone else first, and just do what's best for you."

 - Tracey Leech

Massage for Pregnancy

Prenatal massage is one of our specialties. Many of you have received our prenatal massages before and know how helpful and relieving it can be for the second and third trimesters .
When the client is at 12 weeks, we can work on addressing her discomfort as her body develops and prepares for birth. Pregnancy doesn't magically wave off prior injuries and pains. For some, it can make aches and pains more present or adds swelling into the mix. The three therapists at Osetra are skilled and trained in addressing the muscles and fascia of the body without causing issue to the little one. The therapists can also address the swelling in joints to help with the fluid retention.

The Session

Above is how we set up our tables for a prenatal massage at Osetra Wellness. The massage is started with the client lying on her left side. Her head rests on the top cushion and her left arm is in between the two cushions. Her right leg is comfortable bent and supported on the pillow below.
For the first half of the session, the therapist massages the right half of the client's body. Once it is time to turn over, the therapist removes the pillow supporting the right leg and holds the sheets for the client to turn. When she is comfortably centered with her right arm in the slot, the therapist puts the pillow under the left leg. 
The massage itself is customized to the client. We wouldn't use the same exact techniques for a woman who is having her fourth child and deals with the tension pattern of raising three other children for a woman who is having her first child and deals with minor scoliosis. 
Like postpartum massages, we encourage the client to take a nap if possible. But the client is always welcomed to ask questions about their muscles as their bodies adjust and get ready for birth. After the session, we give tips and little stretches and exercises to help manage the muscle fatigue the client will be dealing with during their little one's first months of life.

Our Therapists and Their Experiences

Sophia has been helping pregnant women for about 24 years now. She helps educate the mother how important prenatal massage is for the mother and the baby during the sessions. She knows a lot of lactation specialists and likes to educate mothers on lactation. She has worked with mother clubs throughout the mid peninsula. One of her massage specialties that is great for prenatal and postpartum is Craniosacral Therapy. 

Angelica received her prenatal training from a well-known perinatal educator, Carole Osborne. She is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage through the International Infant Massage Association. She became a mother herself in August of 2018 and is loving motherhood. With her compassion and understanding, she enjoys providing care for expecting mothers and mothers recovering in postpartum.

Marjorie got to work on two classmates who were in their second and third trimesters while at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. She learned which Deep Tissue techniques were applicable for the pregnant body and why. Once she started working down in the Bay Area, she got a lot of experience with athletic women who were going through their pregnancies at her previous location. Inspired by Angelica, she is in the process of getting certified to teach Infant Massage to families through the International Infant Massage Association.

"Try Something New" Special

We are offering $10 off a session if you ask to try a massage style or technique you haven't received before and want to try. We have experience in a lot of different styles of massage outside of Deep Tissue and Swedish. If you're interested in the special but don't have anything in mind, we can discuss what new techniques would benefit you most.

This is only valid for one session paid out of pocket excluding Groupon and Spafinder. We don't offer Thai Massage.

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