Couples Connection - Prenatal Yoga for the Two of You

Sunday, November 17 11:00 am -12:30 pm
The Couples Connection workshop is for all pregnant mothers and their birth partners. During labor and birth, the presence and participation of a mother’s birth partner is a powerful aid to a successful experience.

This playful workshop will help you develop your relationship and build your skills for your impending birth.

You will learn to communicate non-verbally with touch and with breath. You will use the breath as a tool for the mind and body, and discover how it can also help to ease tension and fear; you will practice positions, postures, and techniques that can be used to encourage the progress of labor, as well as ease discomfort.

This workshop is open to pregnant women of any stage of pregnancy, with their husbands, partners, mothers, sisters, or best friends. Please wear comfortable clothes. There will be time at the end for questions. No previous yoga experience necessary.

  • $35 (per couple)