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The Prentice Institute collaborates with researchers in Canada and elsewhere to address some of the most difficult challenges of the next generation and beyond.

Happy New Year & Message from the Director of the Prentice Institute:

Coming to the Institute just over a year ago (I started the Directorship on January 4th, 2021) I was struck by how many different ways Affiliates had engaged with the Institute, but also by the different perspectives, interpretations and assumptions (including those of the staff working within the Institute itself) held in different quarters. As an inherently interdisciplinary and "big picture" Institute, this is in some ways to be expected, but having now been able to connect with many more people at the University of Lethbridge, and to gain a better understanding of the how's and why's of the Institute's founding and subsequent operations, I have come to see 2021 as a bridging or transition year. 

Some of this is to be expected as both I, and the Institute staff, further develop and refine the strategic, operational and research priorities of the Institute. This has been supported by a great deal of work from the members of the Steering Committee and the Research Advisory Committee, and I am deeply thankful for the insight, institutional knowledge, and collegial advice they have been able to provide!

As we move forward into 2022, there will continue to be opportunities for Affiliates to engage with the Institute, and my goal is to build increasingly reciprocal and productive relationships that extend the reach of the Institute beyond the University of Lethbridge and out to both the policy and research community of Alberta, Canada, and indeed the world. The Institute is fortunate to have a very diverse collection of staff and affiliates, and I sincerely hope to build on that diversity as we move forward. 

In the immediate future, I would draw your attention to a few opportunities: (1) The most recent call for funding proposals was made available in December; (2) We are hoping (COVID-19 permitting) to bring small groups of affiliates at the University together to discuss methods and opportunities for engagement and partnership; (3) We continue to bring speakers through our Speaker Series (currently held via zoom) and our pleased to be partnering with other offices on campus as part of Black History Month; and (4) the 2022-23 fiscal year will also see the release of both physical and virtual opportunities for research collaboration, team building, knowledge mobilization and community-based partnerships - please do stay tuned!


Dr. Lars Hallstrom


Prentice Institute COVID-19 Update

The Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy is closely following all local and University of Lethbridge health guidelines.

As we are located in the Library of the University of Lethbridge, to access the Institute please refer to the UofL’s COVID-19 portal at uLethbridge Safe app or the ULethbridge Safe website.

If you have and concerns or queries, please contact: [email protected]


Dr. Wolfgang Lutz to present with the Prentice Institute

This Thursday, January 20th, at 12:00 MST, Dr. Wolfgang Lutz will be presenting his talk 'The Demography of Human Capital Formation and Sustainable Development' with the Prentice Institute.

Statistics Canada Seeks Economist/Sociologist/Analyst

Be part of a statistical revolution. Join a world of opportunities.

Build your future with us. The future of our organization lies in the hands of bright, driven people. People like you.

Become a part of Statistics Canada’s core mission: To serve Canada with data that matters—data that can make a difference. As part of our team, you can make a difference.

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Free Webinar: Conserving Cultural And Natural Heritage for International Mountain Day

Moderator Nicole Olivier will facilitate a conversation amongst Barbara Wilson (Haida Nation), Isabelle Falardeau (Université Quebec à Trois-Rivières), and Stephanie Yuill (M.Sc, Gov't of NWT) to discuss the role ecological and cultural tourism can play in building resilient economies, supporting Indigenous self-determination, fostering reconciliation, and sustaining biodiversity.


In the matter of Black lives - Dr. Afua Cooper to present with the University of Lethbridge

On February 25th at 12:00pm, Dr. Afua Cooper, a multidisciplinary scholar, author, and artist, will be presenting her talk In the Matter of Black Lives: Inclusion, Belonging, and Anti-Black Racism. The Case of Canada.

Why are Black People always complaining? Why don’t they just get with it and move on? We often hear these responses when Black community members express their pain caused by various forms of anti-Black racism. Why is there so little empathy for the Black pain? The diminishment of Black pain, and the unwillingness to hear and empathized with Black people have roots in the historical experience of Blacks in Canada. This presentation examines the roots of anti-Black racism, and reveals the barriers Blacks faced over the centuries in their quest to achieve equality and inclusion within diverse institutions in Canada, including the academy, and in the society as a whole.

This will be a virtual presentation. Stay tuned to the Prentice Institute's website and social media for updates!

CSA Group Long Term Care Home Report:

In June 2021, CSA Group launched the enhanced public consultation activities to support the development of a new National Standard of Canada for the operation and infection prevention and control of long-term care homes (CSA Z8004).

This final report summarizes what they have heard from the long-term care homes (LTCH) residents, their families and caregivers, as well as frontline workers, LTCH management and administrators, and other stakeholders.

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Grant Writing Workshop

Effective grant-writing is an increasingly important skill in the municipal, not-for-profit, and even corporate world. For small organizations and communities, however, grant writing can present a real challenge in terms of time, completion, budgeting and submission.

Join Dr. Lars Hallström, the recipient of over 100 research, knowledge mobilization, infrastructure and collaborative grants, for this activity-based, online workshop for people with varied experiences in the grant-writing process.


Prentice Institute Affiliate of the Month:

Dr. Jerimy Cunningham

Jerimy Cunningham is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Lethbridge. He has conducted ethnographic research among craft producers in West Africa and archaeological fieldwork in Canada and the United States. His current research project is focused on understanding relationships between water insecurity, migration, and inequality in Northern Mesoamerica. As part of this project, he is excavating a series of archaeological sites in central Chihuahua, Mexico, to learn how agricultural systems and domestic craft production changed as communities across the region became incorporated into the Casas Grandes Culture in the 14th Century CE.  


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