Dr. Thamboo is a Sinus and Skull Base Surgeon at St. Paul's Sinus Centre, Canada. He completed his MD and otolaryngology residency at the University of British Columbia (UBC). After completing a two-year fellowship in Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery at Stanford University under Drs. Hwang, Nayak and Patel, he was recruited back to the University of British Columbia to help within the Rhinology Division at UBC. 

Dr. Thamboo has a basic science lab specializing in personalized medicine for chronic sinus disease and number of clinical research interests that include sinonasal tumors, novel topical therapies, treatment of the 'empty nose' and innovative medical devices.

Dr. Thamboo is working closely with his team from around the world on the IFOS 2021 Rhinology/ Skull Base/ Allergy program. The committee consists of members from Canada, Turkey, USA, Australia, Latin America, China, Japan, UK, Brazil, Thailand, Korea and the Middle East with an impressive line up of specialists.

Advisors to the Program Chair include Dr. Ian Witterick, Dr. Metin Onerci and Dr. Martin Derosiers.

The Canadian Scientific Program Organizing Committee includes Dr. Leigh Sowerby, Dr. Marc Tewfik, Dr. Yvonne Chan and Dr. Arif Janjua.

International Scientific Program Advisory Committee includes: