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Newsletter - Issue 5 - Nov. 12, 2021

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-Are You A Prepper?

-HAARP is Weather Warfare

-Is Steve Jobs John Lennon from 'The Beatles'?

-Latest Truthers News

-Where Are You Banned At?

-Why First Time Gardeners Give Up

-How Will You Stay Motivated To Keep Growing Foods?

-What We Did RIght

-Is Kobe Bryant Myles Garrett?

-Why Are There 2 Lebron James?

-Steps To Take if You Are Fired for Refusing the Vaccination

-Workplace And Other Questions Answered by DearCathy.com

-Van Life Updates

-Classroom Articles and Videos


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Welcome to 'Cathy's Corner'.

'Cathy's Corner' is an empowerment e-newsletter that will be published once or twice a month by CathyHarrisInternational.com or CathyHarrisSpeaks.com for short. Feel free to share with others or reach out anytime at [email protected] or [email protected].

Cathy Harris

Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Investigative Journalist

Welcome to

'Cathy Corner'

The phrase "Let's Go Brandon" is really motivating people and they are saying it to Joe Biden, which also sounds like "F Joe Biden."

Welcome to the 5th edition of 'Cathy's Corner.' My last e-newsletter, 4th Edition, was indeed long and many of my readers made comments that it was too long. However, people like myself who like to read and people who want to truly know what is happening will read it more than one time and take in every word.

The e-newsletter is like any other publication. Look at the titles of the sections then read what inspires you so take in one section at a time. No one is asking you to sit down and read the entire e-newsletter in one sitting.

Again, just remember my newsletters are LESSON PLANS...a chance for you to study and figure out what is happening. However, I do believe I won't make any of my future e-newsletters that long again. One thing I do with my articles is to write smaller paragraphs because it makes it easier to read so I will be doing that also with my e-newsletters.

Please share all my e-newsletters at CathyHarrisSpeaks.com (short for CathyHarrisInternational.com) with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Let's not be selfish going into the #GoldenAge.

I want Cathy's Corner to be educational but at the same time -- I must tell the truth about my investigative findings. I am a 'self-educated' Author and Researcher, Investigative Journalist, and former Government Whistleblower (www.TheCathyHarrisStory.com) so again I must tell the truth. What type of person would I be if I stop speaking the truth at 65 years of age in the 3rd tier of my life?

Understand as an investigative journalist, once I finish with an edition of my e-newsletter, I post it on my website at www.CathyHarrisSpeaks.com and then forward it to my mailing list and on social media. Then I usually move on to other topics. There is a lot of discovering to do out there and as an #InformationJunkie, I get excited when discovering new information. I feel the same when traveling in my van life when discovering new territories on the road.

Sometimes I might refer back to an e-newsletter, but I feel much better knowing that I have put the truth out there for others to see. Whether they see it or take action in their lives -- it's strictly up to them. I know that when I lay my head down on my pillow at night -- I can seriously tell myself before falling to sleep, "Well done, Cathy."

Again, if you have more questions, please reach out at [email protected], [email protected] and/or [email protected].


Freelancer, Syndicated Columnist, and Digital Soldier

Are You A Prepper?

Planning and Preparation is Key

A 'Prepper' is someone who actively prepares (preps) for worst-case scenarios, such as the end of the world, by practicing 'survivalist techniques', including hoarding food. Prepping doesn't have to be about the end of the world. It can simply mean that you like having a #PlanB.

In this case, it's about transitioning over into a new #GoldenEra and you do need to prep and plan to get there. Remember none of us have done this before so this is 'uncharted territory' -- which means there will be so much for all of us to learn.

Not only should you become a prepper, but you also need to teach your children and other family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues how to become a prepper also. If you have not taught your children what they need to do in life by the age of 18, it's already too late.

You had 18 years to do this, however, you need to stop kicking your children out of the house, even your male children, if you have not fully prepared them on how to deal with the world.

The foster care system kicks teenagers out at the age of 18 and these are the individuals getting caught up in Sex and Human Trafficking rings. Give your children a refuge to keep them safe until they are fully ready to venture out into the world.

My whole life has been about practicing 'survivalist techniques' -- first as a 'black-sheep' child and then experiencing discrimination in the Military and then in the Federal Government (www.TheCathyHarrisStory.com) -- where I became one of the 'loudest Whistleblowers' in the country. One can't learn how to blow the whistle overnight so I had to prep and plan for it.

But look at me now despite all the challenges and hardships I faced growing up and/or later on in my life, I am #StillStanding. And that is what you have to tell yourself. As long as you are 'still above ground' and not 6 feet under -- you have a chance to change your entire life. But it's up to you to take the proper steps to do it.

What I learned at a very early age is when you have lemons, you just turn them into lemonade. Remember people who have been through challenges can often and do often end up building and living out beautiful lives. They have to work a little harder to get there -- but many do get there. So never give up on your life!

Being a prepper or planner depends on how you are wired. I learned at an early age that the person I could depend on the most was me -- #TeamCathy. From the time that I was a little girl, I believed that planning ahead or preparation was key. Back then all I had to do was to prepare to study hard in school and help harvest crops on the family's farm -- and that was about it.

Some people can do things on the 'spur of the moment' -- but not me, I usually conduct extensive research before making a lot of my decisions. I even taught my two daughters to do this too.

When we, the Patriots and Truthers, said early on in this fight to sit back and enjoy your popcorn because this is all a movie, we never said not to be 'proactive' in your own life in regards to yourself, your family, and your entire community. The goal again is Self, Family, and Community -- in that order. We were telling you to become a prepper and prepare for the next stage of your life as we transition over to the #GoldenEra.

HAARP is Weather Warfare

Is It About Depopulation?

I have had lots of experiences in my life first working on the streets of Atlanta with the homeless as a community activist and just witnessing total devastation up close and personal.

If you lose your home from devastating storms and earthquakes and you don't have relatives or friends to go and live with, you need a Master Plan of how you will survive -- even if you are stuck living in a Car, Van, or RV. I just believe in having a #PlanB.

Many people especially those who aren't preppers don't plan ahead. Many people just want to depend on the government and they think that the government will take care of them.

Surely, you have learned a lesson since the Katrina, Houston, and Atlanta fiascoes. Just understand they can use HAARP/Depopulation at any time in your area and this all calls for being prepared -- for being a #Prepper. So, become a #Prepper -- if not for yourself for the people you love.

HAARP in Hurricane Katrina:

Remember in Katrina how they left all those people especially Seniors to die? They were without food, water, and medications for days. In Hurricane Katrina, they took busloads of children all throughout the U.S. and how much do you want to bet that many of these children ended up becoming victims of Child Trafficking and Pedophilia Rings.

Because of what we know now, I doubt seriously if they were reunited with their parents or another relative.

Since then, we have found out that Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Foster Care System in this country, just like orphanages in other countries, were handing over children to these Satanic elite operations for Satanic Cult ceremonies, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, Child and Human Trafficking and Pedophilia Rings. This is how and why they use HAARP to get more victims.

What do you think is happening to all the immigrant children coming into the country today and simply disappearing? There are reports that these children are being flown to all parts of the country in the middle of the night. There is so much work to do to #SaveTheChildren so understand this is about #SavingTheChildren.

HAARP in Hurricane Andrew: We all know that July and August are the hottest months of the year in many places especially the south. Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina were probably both caused by HAARP/Depopulation. They both occurred in the month of August (#StormSeason, #HotSeason) -- making it almost impossible for many -- especially those (#Elderly) with breathing issues to survive.

I was in Hurricane Andrew in Miami and even though my home did not have any damages, 80 of my co-workers lost their entire homes. To help out I went back to work early and manned the phones.

Most of my co-workers, who had damages to their homes wanted my co-workers to bring them 'generators' so they could run their air conditioners and stay cool along with other appliances since they were without power for a while. But what they did not realize is those without a roof over their heads, could not cool down with a generator.

Jobs are responsible for their employees especially if they get hurt on their jobs. Jobs are also supposed to account for their employees in case of some type of horrific event.

My job, U.S. Customs Service, sent out ARMED co-workers in case of looting to everyone of my co-workers homes who had damages. They took food and water with them and they were prepared to help them relocate with family members, to hotels, or wherever.

You should call into your job and say you are okay after these events. You have to tell them when you are coming back to work. You can't just disappear. Your job needs to be able to notify your next of kin and give them a status report.

It took an entire week to account for everyone. Many were starving because they were not preppers and they did not have a supply of food and other supplies on hand, which is crazy to me especially if you live in a home and/or apartment and have the space to stock up on supplies.

There were also ample warnings that this storm was coming and that it would be a Cat 4 storm. It was hard to find many of the homes because there were no street signs. Some families were just camping out in their backyards with half of their homes blown away.

This is also when it was exposed that many of the homes in the Miami area were built with very cheap material so many of the building contractors had to answer to authorities because of this.

Whistleblowers came out and said they were building homes without going over mandatory checklists and they were using cheaper material and putting the homes up too quickly, which put many families in danger of houses falling down and/or especially catching on fire.

When the walls of the homes got wet from the storm, you could literally punch a hole in the wall with your fists. Authorities especially the Attorney General wanted to know why these houses fell down so easily. It was like houses built in 3rd world countries and this happens to many of the houses all over the U.S..

It was devastating for many of my co-workers especially single mothers who did not have other family members in the area. And again, because these individuals were not preppers they weren't prepared for such devastation.

They said only 50 people died during Hurricane Andrew but Miami is full of immigrants that people don't really know anything about and they had a major rat problem for months. Hurricane Andrew is also when a lot of those snakes and other exotic animals got loose and many were never captured.

HAARP in HOUSTON: When they used HAARP in Houston and other Texas areas, many families died from freezing in their own beds, in cars when they ran out of gas, on the side of the road, or even under trees, and others died in other inside and outside locations.

They were only allowing people to go into #WarmingCenters if they were going to take a vaccination. Otherwise, entire families were turned away. Of course, the Mainstream Mockingbird CABAL Media wasn't going to report any of this.

Coming up as a young child we had wood-burning stoves and fireplaces to warm our home, but later we graduated to a gas stove. That gas stove could warm up the entire house.

So sometimes surviving a catastrophe is just a matter of finding out or knowing who has gas stoves in your neighborhood -- especially if the road is not passable, which means you can't get to a family member or friend's home.

When you just have to hunker down where you are at -- you better be prepared and know where you can go for refuge. Get to know your neighbors even if they are right next door or a mile away. Have a plan of action for survival!

My friend in Austin had a gas stove so she invited people from the neighborhood to warm up in her home. Some people could have simply kept warm in their homes by having several sleeping bags, electric blankets, generators, and power boxes that you can power up just by cranking up your car. This is also why you need to have extra gas on hand too.

I was online and talking to many people out of Houston when they were hit by HAARP/Depopulation. Many people compared it to Katrina because of how people, especially families, were left on their own to deal with the freezing cold.

HAARP in ATLANTA: I am from Atlanta (20 years) and left in 2013. I certainly wasn't there when they used HAARP a couple of years ago -- when they had a 'snow-like' substance (actually a plastic) falling from the sky and the roads were undrivable.

Even though it lasted for only a couple of days, many families had to get out of their cars and walk to locations and many probably ended up hitchhiking with total strangers and probably became victims of Sex and Human Traffickers, Pedophile Rings, and other sinister groups. This is probably why it took place in the first place to gain a new supply of victims.

HAARP in HAITI: Remember a few years ago when Hillary and Bill Clinton had the "Clinton Global Initiative and Foundation?" They used HAARP to steal Haitian kids after the devastating Haiti earthquake.

Mostly they took (stole) the children who had dead parents from the earthquake, but many of the workers who represented the foundation were also caught trying to steal the children who had living parents.

Remember they really enjoy the blood of 'darker-skinned children' (Remember the 'Atlanta Child Murders') ages 3-11 (they like babies too) for adrenochrome harvesting.

They probably took the children to Epstein Island, which was a 'Baby-Making' and 'Adrenochrome Harvesting' FARM, and only 45 minutes away.

HAARP has struck Haiti many times and none of the houses they promised to build were ever built back. Also, during this time we found out that we should no longer donate blood to the Red Cross because they are a Cabal-run operation too and they don't do what they are supposed to do with the blood.

Supposedly, a large portion of the blood goes to Satanic Cult Worshipping Operations. Are they even taking blood from people who took vaccinations? Who knows how they run these operations that have to deal with hospitals and their blood supply.

A few years back they were taking regular blood donations from prisoners and even shipping it out of the country until they found out a majority of the blood was tainted with Hep C and other contaminants.

We need people to donate blood but like every group and organization today going into this new era, #GoldenEra, we need to make sure everything is being done in an ethical manner.

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-A New Way of Living - How To Live 'The Good Life' in a Car, Van, RV, Bus, or Boat

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Is Steve Jobs

John Lennon from

'The Beatles'?

Okay when Steve Jobs died, it affected a lot of people. So now we are learning that Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Computer, is STILL ALIVE and he is designing the new Qphones that we will be using as we go into the new #GoldenEra.

Whether he is actually John Lennon from "The Beatles" -- I don't know. Do your own research.

What I heard is they tried to kill him by giving him an HIV shot so he had written a letter about it and went into hiding with at least 900 others in Witness Protection. Glad to have you back Steve.

Latest Truthers News

We, the Patriots and Truthers knew that the CIA Mockingbird Cabal Media and Social Media including Google.com (use DuckDuckGo.com instead) would be the last to be taken down as we transition over into the Golden Age.

Don't forget what this is about. It's about #SavingTheChildren and implementing a new financial system (#Nesara, #Gesara) as we go into a #NewEra -- #GoldenEra. And yes it is a movie to wake up the masses.

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) and stock market crash is just around the corner so prepare by having food, cash, and other supplies. Remember the blackouts and lockdowns won't take place in every area and the lockdowns are probably to capture more 'bad guys'.

And by all means, don't get so caught up on dates especially now that we are on the Julian calendar (which means there will be two Halloweens) so it's hard to pinpoint when things will occur. The dates might be wrong but just understand a lot is happening in the background whether you hear about it or not.

In case they use HAARP to change the weather in your area -- be prepared! We still don't know what is going to happen with any food or gas shortages so now is the time to stay stocked up with food, cash, extra gas for cars and generators, solar panels, power boxes, etc. You can charge these power boxes just by cranking up or driving around in case there are power outages or if HAARP is used in your area to create unexpected weather and storms.

Keep your car gas tank topped off or full - always. Never say I will get gas tomorrow...because you don't know what will happen that night. That is just how a prepper thinks. My car tank never gets below a fourth of a tank -- never.

Women Be Careful This Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, women especially need to be careful being out after dark. Women should never get gas after dark. Only shop after dark with men or get men or security from stores to walk you to your car.

Remember if these sinister people see where you live, they can easily come back the next day to retrieve you or a family member so make sure you have a security system in your vehicle and at your home and take firearms and self-defense classes and make sure you also sign up family members for this.

Again, surely your kids are no longer walking to and from schools or sporting events. Pick them up or have someone else that you trust pick them up and make sure you form 'Neighborhood Watch Programs' and ask the women and men in your neighborhood to start back watching out for your family like they did back in the day -- because we are our sisters and brother's keepers.

Nurses Strike on Nov. 15, 2021

There will be a nurse's strike of 32,000 or more on Nov. 15, 2021. Did you know a majority of mistakes in hospitals are because many nurses are forced to work 24 hours straight?

However, doctors leave sponges, scissors, and other equipment in at least 40 people a week that is being operated on so you want to avoid going under the knife. As a matter of fact, you really want to avoid hospitals altogether.

We have also discussed in past e-newsletters how hospitals are actually killing patients with ventilators so again, you don't want to end up at hospitals or even those community urgent care clinics -- period. You can avoid all of this by growing your own food now.

Poisoning Foods, Water, and Prescriptions

Be careful! I am seeing videos where they are poisoning foods with human and rat meat. We know they are doing this at all the fast-food joints especially McDonald's, Taco Bell, and maybe Burger King.

Even some bottled water is reported to have caused liver failure in some and sickness in others. They are even putting needles and nails in prescriptions and maybe even supplements.

They are doing this to the prescriptions or supplements that come in a capsule and can be opened up. So check everything that you eat, drink, all the medications that you are taking, and all your supplements and vitamins. Look twice at everything.

Also, don't forget that 95% of antibodies come from China and that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is also part of the Satanic Cabal and again they are on their way out of here and they are trying to take as many souls as they can with them.

GITMO Planes and Traffic

There is a lot more traffic going into GITMO (GITMO is full) and other facilities holding prisoners especially since many politicians are now being arrested before we transition over to the Golden Age. Remember these politicians did not want us to transition over to the Golden Age because this meant they would be left without a job.

The Queen is Dead

They are just now about to announce that the Queen of England is dead even though she has been dead for almost 2 years. Remember the Patriots and Truthers have already seen what has happened so we are still trying to wake up the #Normies and #Sleepers.

Canceling Christmas

Christmas is really a time to show humility. Many believe that most items that will be on display in stores for Xmas are actually on all the cargo ships being held up around the country. If that is true, then this would be a good time to start making homemade Christmas items -- so do not wait until the last minute.

We did not have much coming up so Christmas for us, me and my 8 siblings, were very scarce as far as gifts. We mostly received one item, but we had plenty of food (fruits, nuts, candies, etc.) during that time. My father was a great provider even though he was a 'functional' alcoholic. I will never forget that Christmas when I wanted a doll with long hair that I could comb, but instead, my mother bought me a doll with 'drawn-on' plastic hair. I still enjoyed the gift anyway.

Cargo Ships/Truckers

I am hearing from the Patriot news that there is a lot of theft on the cargo ships that are idling off the coasts.

Many even believe that it will get so bad that even truckers will become targets of highway robberies. Don't live in this negativity -- but it is good to be prepared for this and have weapons and other tools to fight back.

I believe they are now coming after the truckers to take vaccinations -- at least some companies are so of course truckers will be quitting their jobs too.

However, meanwhile, supposedly there are many truckers waiting to deliver these products and goods being held on these cargo ships. Let's start spreading the slogan everywhere -- #TruckersRock.

Are You Attending School Board Meetings Yet?

In more and more cities, laws are being passed to stop forcing their families to take vaccinations, especially in many workplaces and/or schools.

Many parents are WINNING against school boards all over the country to unmask their children so if you haven't actively been attending these meetings and demanding that your children remove their masks -- then start now.

Make sure you send other family members too and vote these school board members out of office. Run for these positions yourself! Check out www.UnmaskYourChild.com.

Where Are You Banned At?

Again, I started Cathy's Corner because many voices, including mine, were banned from many social media sites. It is just a matter of time before social media will be taken down and we will have the new internet - #Starlink. I have no idea what type of changes they will make on social media.

Not only are people banned from social media but many accounts are also getting hacked. They are even saying that Linn Wood made the statement that General Flynn is no good. However, many people just believe his account got hacked.

If you joined Telegram through the Google Playstore, they are actively removing your account. I never set up a physical Telegram account and I am glad I did not. Everything that I do is posted at www.CathyHarrisInternational.com on my own website.

I am still banned for 30 days on facebook but I know when I go back I will be banned again after a couple of weeks so therefore, I don't know how much activity or energy I will put toward posting on facebook -- even in my group "Fighting Back 101."

I am also banned on Instagram on both accounts at Instagram.com/SimpleLifeRVing and Instagram.com/WokeSistarsNetwork. I knew I was risking my RV/Van traveling channel by posting the truth but sometimes in life you have to take chances.

Paypal.com is giving me a hard time about setting up my page for my 50 products for distribution at www.CathyHarrisInternational.com/products. But you can buy my books instead off Amazon.com, BN.com, and Smashword.com at AngelsPress.com.

I have heard many Patriots say that they are banned on Paypal.com and many have started using Venmo instead.

Other places people are banned include:







-Mail Chimp

-Go Fund Me

Why First Time Gardeners Give Up Over 40% Quit After the First Year - Why?

Whether you are growing foods in the ground in gardens, in raised bed gardens, farming using

permaculture or aquaponics, or growing foods in pots and containers in or outside of your home, or using some other method of growing foods, only you can decide which is best for you.

Because we were warned not to grow foods in Austin, TX in the ground, because of the thin soil, we knew that raised beds or growing foods in pots and containers would be our favorite way to grow foods.

What is quite alarming is that over 40% of people choose not to garden again after the first year. Why is that?


This is probably because:

-No Harvest: In many cases, it's probably because their crops did not yield any harvest so they gave up. They probably did not conduct enough research in the first place.

Gardening is just like starting a business, you need a mentor (Gardening coach or Gardening consultant), where you can ask questions so you can avoid some of the critical mistakes.  

-Did Not Have Enough Space: Many backyards have too many trees, which provide shade, but if you grow foods in the ground or in raised bed gardens, you need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, especially for summer crops.

So everyone needs to be strategic and then choose to grow foods at community gardens ($20 a month), or in pots or containers in or outside of their homes (on your patio, balcony, rooftop, porch, in their kitchen or another room with grow lights).

The goal is not to let the space issue deter your dream of growing your own foods. If you don't have a homeowner's association, you can actually grow foods in front and backyards. Make it a point not to buy a home with a Homeowner's Association (HOA) so that you can grow foods in your front and backyard.

Remember the story I told you about the lady that had over 100 pots and containers because she was renting. She could not plant anything in the ground so she had over 100 pots and containers growing foods. What a great motivator! Also, read how to grow foods in apartments (click here).


-Had To Travel: Many people might be 'first-time' gardeners, but might love to travel or have to leave for emergency trips and might not have others to help care for their gardens.

This is why it's important to have your own drip or irrigation system. And this is something you need to plan for from the very beginning of deciding to become a gardener. 

With an irrigation system, a family member, friend or neighbor or someone that you can pay -- can help check on your garden while you are away.

-Too Much Work: Many new gardeners found gardening to be hard work. I am sure many people got involved and had no idea how much work it would be, especially when they had to monitor and water the garden on a daily basis. 

-Too Sick/Waited Too Late: For many, it was too late to try to use gardening to improve their health, so they had to stop because of their health. This is very unfortunate so, therefore, get started today. Don't let this be your story! 

Don't let any of these reasons keep you from becoming a gardener or even starting your own farm. I can't see myself giving up, not this early in the game, especially now that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I do have a "green thumb."


Green thumb gardeners are not always born with green thumbs. They develop these by attending gardening classes in person or online, joining or forming gardening clubs, watching gardening shows on youtube, and conducting research on google.com and duckduckgo.com.

How Will You Stay Motivated To Keep Growing Foods

Most of you saw 'first-hand' in my gardening journey, what I did to stay motivated and to become a successful gardener such as:

-Got Family Involved: If you truly want to get motivated and stay motivated while growing foods, get others around you involved. You can do this with family members, friends and neighbors.

-Got Gardening Mentor: I did not only attend regular, local FREE natural gardening center meetings and classes, the instructors there, both a man and woman, served as my mentor.

-Started My Own Garden Club: I started my own garden club at www.CathyHarrisGardenClub.com and laid out every step aspiring gardeners could take by writing articles and selecting quality videos.

-Released New Gardening Books: I launched an entire food growing campaign around the release of my two gardening books "Overcoming Food Deserts in Your Community: How To Start a Home, School or Community Garden, Food Co-op and Food Coalition" and "Green Thumb at 60: How I Started My Gardening Journey with Raised Beds and Pots and Containers." The books are available as e-books and paperback books.

-Launched A National Tour: As a Speaker, Author, and Coach, I launched a national tour "The Cathy Harris Tour," around the release of my books and national food campaign and went to 8 cities.

-Created A National Gardening Movement: I created a new national movement around growing my own foods at "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs"(www.VirtualOrganicGardenClubs.com) and BrothersBuildingGardens.com and educated my online community.

-Launched National Masterminds: I started my own monthly Mastermind, Think Tank, and Classroom meetings and training platforms around growing foods at the website www.FreeConferenceCall.com on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (CST). 

What We Did Right

-Got A Plant Diagnosis: Don't be afraid to get a diagnosis on your plants. We go to the doctor for a check-up and we take our animals to animal doctors for check-ups. So, therefore, I took a leaf from the lemon and tangerine tree to the natural gardening center for a diagnosis and she said it was being 'over-watered'.

The lemon tree is doing well now. After my mate was going behind my back watering it, I just gave it to him to look after. It's been in the house most of the time and is growing quite well in a window with direct sunlight. Eventually, though, it will need to be moved outside and repotted to a bigger pot and/or even planted in the ground.


-Used Good Soil: We chose to use the Thunder Dirt for our 3 raised beds from GEO Growers in Austin, which contained many essential nutrients, and gave the foods a fighting chance, especially since we chose to start the garden in one of the hottest months of the year -- June 2017.

-Set Up A Water Drip or Irrigation System: The best step that we took was rigging a drip system using a sprinkler system (Orbit Hose Faucet Timer from HomeDepot.com) when we went out of town for a week.

Our best friend came over and checked on the system while we were away. So, therefore, don't be a slave to your garden. Try to install a drip system as soon as you apply the soil.

The good thing is, no matter how many foods you plant in the future, you will still be able to plan trips out of town and enjoy yourselves as you age gracefully.

Is Kobe Bryant Myles Garrett?

Okay so in our last e-newsletter, 4th edition of 'Cathy's Corner', you saw the RECENT ALIVE PHOTOS of how Kobe Bryant currently looks and how he has been disguising himself for over a year and attending the Trump rallies.

Since Kobe is disguising himself at the Trump Rallies, how do we know he isn't playing other characters? Many people believe Kobe Bryant has been playing the role of Myles Garrett, which like Kobe is also a basketball player. He wasn't on the scene at the same time as Kobe so this is possible.

Myles Garrett is younger than Kobe and has a larger body mass than Kobe, but remember none of us have seen the real Kobe Bryant since Jan. 2020 -- and since then we found out that many of the Movie Stars, Entertainers, and Sports Figures are actually wearing body masks and bodysuits and playing several roles, characters, and parts -- so this is possible.

Myles Garrett also has the same teeth as Kobe and even sounds like Kobe, but he has a slightly heavier voice than Kobe and you can get this by taking more testosterone.

And get this -- Myles Garrett has a bunch of dogs like Kobe and even has a similar-looking dog that Kobe had -- so tell me what you think "Is Kobe Bryant playing the role of Myles Garrett"? Curious minds want to know...


-Kobe Bryant is Playing Myles Garrett

-KOBE IS ALIVE!!! Myles Garrett is Kobe Bryant

Why Are There Two (2) Lebron James?

(click here)

It seems that Lebron James will be taken out by a Tweet on Twitter.com. Remember one of the above Lebron James in the TikTok video is a pedophile and I don't care how big and famous you get, you can be replaced and/or GITMOED for your 'Crimes Against Humanity.' Once you are GITMOED, you are either given years in jail (maybe life) or you are executed for 'Crimes Against Humanity.' No one will escape what is coming!

Lebron James got too big for his britches and he thought he could not be touched. He made statements and/or tweets that landed him in trouble. Understand these Pizza Parties are where the Satanic Elite Cabal (and/or #FreeMasons) have sex with children and use their blood for Adrenochrome (LSD-like) highs. This tweet definitely came from Lebron's Twitter account. #KingJames, #ByeBoy.

Steps to Take if You are Fired for Refusing the Vaccination

As a former Workplace and Discrimination Consultant, I had to file 10 EEOC.gov complaints including a Sexual Harassment and Whistleblower complaint (www.TheCathyHarrisStory.com) to receive justice from my former employer and because of that I won my case and was able to retire at the age of 48.

I also became 'well-versed' in federal laws and filed 5 of my discrimination cases in federal district court my ownself. This process is usually carried out by attorneys. Then I wrote 3 books on workplace discrimination to help others receive justice.

So here is a bit of advice for those who don't know how to maneuver the workplace system -- whether you are working for a local, state, or federal employer or a small or large corporation, if YOUR EMPLOYER tells you -- you have to take the vaccination or be fired, don't walk away but let them fire you instead. Try to prolong receiving the vaccination as long as possible but once they give you a final ultimatum -- then again, let them fire you.

Once you get fired go to the Department of Labor (DOL.gov) office (online or in-person) and file for 'unemployment benefits'. Try to do this in person. I am not even sure how many weeks you can receive these funds but at one time it was at least 27 weeks in the state of Georgia and many people received at least $300 a week.

Just remember it is different in each state and it also depends on how long you were employed and whom you were employed with. For many these funds will be enough for them as long as they cut back -- but others need to seriously think about relocating and moving in with family and friends.

You should be approved to start receiving the funds in 30 days once you file for unemployment benefits or they might deny you. If you are denied your only recourse is to hire a labor attorney to assist you so set aside funds for this. However, once you write down the reason for your termination, which is "Refusal to take CORONA vaccination," -- they should approve you for unemployment benefits simply because they know this is "illegal."

In many cases, if you walk away you can still receive these benefits but it might be harder for you to get approved for unemployment benefits. Lawsuits are coming in so make sure you fight back. Don't walk away from a perfectly good job -- again - LET THEM FIRE YOU!!!

You only need 4 people (10 would be better) to file a class-action lawsuit so keep up with the status of others in case you need them to fight back.

Many people might leave and move to other cities after their terminations, which might disqualify them to receive local unemployment benefits, but still they can join you in a class-action or you can file an individual workplace complaint for "Wrongful Termination."

It looks like to me because we are going into a new era, #GoldenEra, they want people out of these jobs so they will be available to take all the new jobs that will be out there.

Remember there will be thousands of new jobs, so you being unemployed might only be 'short-term.' However, right now there are a ton of jobs out there so just take something so you can make ends meet and have health insurance, but because many people are receiving more in 'unemployment benefits' -- they are refusing to go back into workplaces.

I have 3 e-books on Workplace Discrimination:

-Workplace Survival Guide: How To Fight Discrimination, Whistleblowing and the Worker's Compensation System

-Discrimination 101: The Complete Guide to Recognizing and Surviving Discrimination in the Workplace (Volume 1)

-Discrimination 101: The Complet Guide to Recognizing and Surviving Discrimination in the Workplace (Volume 2)

Don't give up! Learn what your rights are in the workplace and feel free to email me with questions at [email protected].

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Van Life Updates with Cathy Harris

Phase 2 of Van Build Completed - One More Phase to Go Until Completion...

I just had a very awesome week finishing up Phase 2 of my van build in Flagstaff, AZ, which is a #GameChanger. I got pretty much all the power I need now in my van so I can retire my Jackery 500 and Portable Jackery Solar Panel -- unless I use it for an outdoor reason.

It feels really good to be able to remove the Jackery 500 and Solar Panel after 2 years out of my front compartment and store it in the back of my van. It has always laid between my two seats so it's nice having that extra space in my van to jump in and out of the front seat to the back of the van.

The new power box, which I put behind the front driver's seat has made it a priority to keep the area around it clear so this has freed up even more space in the front part of my van for working on the computer or even getting in the floor and exercising.

So far I am happy with the Aspen Power Box and 800 Watts of Solar that I bought from www.LightHarvestSolar.com and once a mechanic nailed the Power Box and Inverter to the floor on a piece of plywood in case I have any type of spills, it all just seems to work out fine.

The Aspen Power Box is a substitute for using a smaller Jackery or another power box and it is also a substitution for building out an expensive "Battery Bank." To install a Battery Bank in Vans -- it can cost anywhere from $4000 to $8000 (with Parts and Labor), but since I opted to use the 'All-in-one' Aspen Power Box System instead, I saved thousands of dollars.

The 'Power Box' is powered in two fashions. Of course, once the sun goes down at night, the power box is no longer powered by my solar, but it is powered by the main source most of the day, which is my 800 watts of solar.

So, therefore, once the sun goes down or on gloomy or rainy days when the sun doesn't come out, I can just crank the car to power up the box in minutes.

The solar is powered on the DC power of the Power Box and if I decide to put in electric lights -- it will also be powered on DC power, but everything else is powered on AC power such as my phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, camera equipment, blender, steamer, ceiling fans, etc. so all I have to do is flip a switch when I want to use my AC power.

No one goes into a house right away and says I want this house. Many people are even in a position to build out their houses so this is what I wanted to do with my Van.

Since I was going to be living in my Van for a minute, it was important for me to understand what was being done to her, so, therefore, I chose to do my 'Van Buildout' in Phases.

-Phase 1: I added 2 Maxx Air Fans. I finally added Fan Covers so it's dark inside because I chose the black instead of white color even though my van is white. The black fan covers match the black stripe on the side of the van and because of the 2 fan covers, I can also leave the fans opened as I drive down the highway or when it's raining for ventilation.

-Phase 2: I Added 800 Watts of Solar to the roof then connected the wires on the Solar and Maxx Air Fans to the Power Box then connected the Power Box to the alternator under my front seat.

-Phase 3: I am on my way to Texas over the next few weeks and a carpenter there is supposed to help with Phase 3 of my van build out but I am still conducting research on how I want it and trying to make sure the materials he will be using, especially for the insulation are not toxic.

I am still looking at the following that will complete Phase 3 of my van build - such as the insulation, floor and side paneling, cabinets, sink, bed frame, and garage/storage under the bed.

I will be buying the refrigerator, an Apicool when I reach Texas. I also need the front seat turned around, which will give me another seat to work at and I need the electrical port on the side of the van for plugging in at RV parks.

I am not sure yet whether I will cut the bed off and/or turn it sideways or keep it longways. The carpenter wanted me to throw it away, even though it's only a little over 2 years old, and get a 6-inch foam mattress.

The bed is the reason I have enjoyed my van life up until now, therefore, he and I are in disagreement on this and this is why I might have to find someone else to help me with the completion of my van build, which might take many more months.

However, now that I have my power box, which means I can be on the computer and prepare my dinner in my steamer at the same time -- I am satisfied. con't ...next column...

cont'd - Van Build Updates

Right now all van builders and carpenters are extremely busy especially because no one was working in 2019/2020 when I first went out on the road because of COVID. Now the wait for van build-outs is 1 to 2 years everywhere.

I will be using the pop-on lights instead of adding an electrical system for the lights because I have seen these go out too much on youtube shows. I will however like several plugins by my bed for my phone, tablet, computers, etc.

The top 3 Van Build mistakes on youtube shows were:

1) Not buying a van you can stand up in.

2) Not installing two fans on the van.

3) Installing an air conditioner which took up the space for solar or a second fan.

So understand I am not just a prepper but I am also a researcher. I research things before acting on them. Then I narrow everything down then make a decision.

The way I did my van build just allowed me the opportunity to see how everything was installed from the beginning to the end. I wanted to get to know my van (#StarShip) before having everything added. Surely you can understand that. After all, I am a prepper/planner. That is just how I am wired.

Latest #VanLife Traveling

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-National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum

-Leadville, CO Turquoise Lake Dispersed Camping

-Exploring Turquoise Lake

-Beautiful Leadville, CO

-From Frisco to Leadville, CO

-Enroute to Frisco, CO

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-Colorado Tiny House Festival - Day Two

-Colorado Tiny House Festival

-Phase 1 of Van Build

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