February 2020

Preparation for changing times
As we close out 2019, WHIRC is deep into action for the challenges that 2020 bring including technology sunsets, labor and training needs, and new equipment technology. Our advance preparation and commitment to success means we are forecasting growth as we kick off the new decade.
WHIRC is committed to be the very best. Fast, accurate,  professional monitoring is
our primary commitment to you. And as more new products enter the market, we need to be prepared to provide you that same great service regardless of the technology. That's why we continually seek out new products and services so that we can serve you and your customers - both now and in the future.
As new systems are placed online, most of them are integrated systems that provide connectivity to all kinds of smart home devices. This has expanded the dealers' capability to integrate into new markets and provide additional technology solutions. That is why we are always looking ahead - preparing for and investing in technology that will provide you with many monitoring options.

To ensure that you have beneficial products and services to offer your customers, we routinely meet with manufacturers to ensure we have the monitoring capability and technology in place to support it. Our goal is to build a high-value portfolio to  aid our dealers in earning additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

As for serving you and your customers, we know the human element in security monitoring is irreplaceable. We are committed to be the very best. We are passionate about monitoring. It's what we do!
Quote of the Month
There are no great people in this world, only great challenges 
which ordinary people rise to meet.
-William Frederick Halsey, Jr.
2020 Security Industry Forecast
Featured Article: 2020 Security Industry Forecast
Two dozen security industry observers explain why the future is bright for those embracing technology, service, business and competitive variables.

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