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August 2019
“Benjamin Franklin once said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.
This month has been a month of preparation in various arenas. 

Mario has begun a leadership training session to raise up the next generation of leaders within our church. They are meeting once a week with him on Sundays, and during the week they have books and other literature to read and study. Candidates are also involved in either a leadership position in the church or in assisting in the new church plant in Virovitica. 

Thank you for praying with us for our kids camp. It was a huge success. I believe the consensus among the children was that the night time games in the dark were the best! However, their time there was not just fun and games. Many of the children mentioned that they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, went forward to be prayed for, and were moved to tears. One little boy said that he felt that God had changed his heart and has been asking to listen to praise and worship since then. It is wonderful what the power of the Holy Spirit can do when we are open to receive. 
Bonnie is finally home from the States. She had a very fruitful five weeks in the US but is happy to be home. We are slowly gearing up for school which starts on the 9th of September. One need we do have that you can pray with us about is an increase in our monthly support. We know that God will supply our every need according to His riches in glory!
>This new season in our church
>Leadership and missions development
>Raising of monthly support
Thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer and support. We pray the Lord richly bless you throughout this month.

Mario and Bonnie Ducic 
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach