Preparing for King Tides

Wednesday, August 30 - Sunday, September 3

This week the City of Miami Beach expects higher than normal tides that may result in street and property flooding in low-lying areas. The City of Miami Beach is fully staffed and ready to respond to flooding reports. 


Higher than predicted tides are expected from August 30 - September 3.

Tropical Storm Idalia, which is expected to become a hurricane and impact the Gulf Coast of Florida, may increase the risk of flooding. There are currently no watches or warnings for Miami-Dade County.

In preparation of the king tides, staff has begun cleaning stormwater treatment systems to reduce pollutants from entering the waterways and are conducting inspections to reduce flooding. In addition, temporary pumps may have been installed to mitigate flooding in low-lying neighborhoods. 

Please continue reading for tips to stay safe and dry.

Flooding Safety Tips

  • You may be eligible to register for the Parking Flood Relief Program which provides free temporary parking accommodations during king tides and other weather events.

  • Road closures may occur as a result of flooding. Sign up for our traffic updates by texting MBAlert to 888777. 

  • Be sure to have flood insurance for your home or business. Learn more.

  • Avoid coming into contact with floodwaters. There may be hazards like pollutants and debris that are not visible.

  •  Avoid driving through floodwaters for your safety and to avoid vehicle damage.

  • Wash your car, including the undercarriage, if it comes in contact with floodwaters. Floodwaters are high in salinity and could damage your vehicle.

Low-Lying Areas

This City of Miami Beach map illustrates surface elevations (using Miami-Dade County 2021 LIDAR data). The blue color indicates the lowest lying areas, which may experience flooding during king tides—especially when the elevation of the tide exceeds the ground surface elevation. In addition, the following areas have historically experienced recurring flooding during king tides:

  • West Avenue and 8 Street.
  • 1 Street and Alton Road.
  • South Pointe Drive and Washington Avenue.
  • 44 Street and Post Avenue (Muss Park area).
  • North Bay Road from 43 to 63 streets.
  • Bonita Drive.
  • Marseille Drive and Rue Notre Dame.
  • Crespi Boulevard and 79 Terrace.

Depending on weather conditions, property owners in these low-lying areas may need to use flood panels and other flood protection methods to protect their property. Residents can also contact the city to learn about options to reduce flood risk. Contact the Flood Plain Manager at 305.673.7610 or
King Tides Predictions

King tides provide a preview of the normal tidal variations we will see in the years to come as sea levels continue to rise. Tide predictions are provided by the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
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