The Time to Prepare is Now
Confidence is growing that Hurricane Florence could significantly impact all of REC’s service territory. With the ground already saturated, additional heavy rain and strong winds could result in widespread, prolonged power outages. Impacts could be felt as early as late Wednesday, and heavy rain and wind could continue through the weekend. Our crews are ready to respond as quickly and safely as they can, and we urge all members to prepare now as well. As you continue to monitor the storm, please know the impacts such as strong winds, heavy rain and related flooding will impact areas hundreds of miles beyond where the storm makes landfall. At REC, safety is always our top priority and, together with us, we urge you to prepare now.
Here’s what you can do:
Storm Prep Kit
Assemble an emergency storm kit and update your family’s emergency plan. Find a checklist here:  

Outage Center
Stay informed about power outages and outage restoration on REC's website. Bookmark the Outage Center for quick access to important information:

Stay Connected
REC provides regular updates during a major weather event and extended power outages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
MyREC SmartHub
You can quickly and easily report outages using the MyREC SmartHub mobile app. If you haven't already created a MyREC SmartHub profile create one now for quick access to account and other important information. The MyREC SmartHub mobile app will help you stay informed. You must have your account number to create a MyREC profile.
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