Prepare For Re-Opening: Details For Your Business
Ontario has announced that it will begin to gradually ease restrictions that were previously put in place in response to the Omicron variant.

Restaurants and bars, meetings and events, and other food or drink establishments without dance facilities and strip clubs are permitted to open at 50% capacity as early as January 31, 2022. The measures below are in place until at least February 21, when the province will move into a next phase of lifting restrictions.

A full list of eligible businesses permitted to open at 50% capacity can be found here. The public health and workplace safety measures announced today are subject to a risk assessment, including key indicators remaining stable or improving.

A number of details are worth noting in order to prepare your business for re-opening:

Hours of Operation for Beverage Alcohol Service
  • The hours of operation limitations that were previously announced prior to this latest closure are lifted effective January 31. This means that your business can resume operations to normal operating hours and last call hours.

Singing & Dancing
  • Singing and dancing in restaurants and bars and other select settings will not be allowed except for workers or performers. This means that patron dancing or karaoke is not permitted at this time.

Number of People Per Table
  • The number of patrons permitted to sit at a table in bars and restaurants and meeting and event spaces and other venues at which food or drink is sold or served, including nightclubs, restobars and strip clubs that serve food and drink to be limited to 10 people and patrons must remain seated.

Wedding Receptions
  • At this time (Jan 31), wedding receptions will be permitted at 50% capacity so long as there is no patron dancing. Wedding receptions with patron dancing will be permitted in the next phase of re-opening (Feb. 21) at 25% capacity.

  • Buffets are not permitted at this time as patrons are required to remain seated.

Food & Beverage Concessions
  • Food or drink services at indoor sporting events, concert venues, theatres and cinemas, bingo halls and other gaming establishments, and horse racing tracks, car racing tracks and other similar venues is not permitted.

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