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"My health is the #1 concern. Longevity is the #2 concern."
Alonzo Mourning

Longevity is a common concern that comes up during many long-term financial plan discussions.

As individuals envision what their later years may look like, they are often concerned with increased healthcare needs and their related costs, outliving financial resources, and becoming a burden on their loved ones.

These worries are compounded for "solo agers" who are without a reliable support network of family or friends.

Today, the average length of retirement living is close to 20 years. That's quite a long time to rely on retirement funds and Social Security. 

And, with advances in healthcare and a societal focus on exercise and wellness extending seniors' active years, what does "normal aging" even look like today?

Treece Financial Group is here to help you navigate the possibilities that longevity brings and take the steps to make your retirement healthy and strong. This includes planning for major transitions like retirement, emergencies due to death or disability, end of life scenarios, cross- generational planning, analyzing “what if” scenarios, and so much more.

We look forward to helping you navigate a clear path to your senior years adventures—give us a call today!
Blue Zones, Part 1: How the World's Oldest People Make...

( In 2008, National Geographic writer Dan Buettner published his bestselling book, The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest, about the five "longevity pockets" around the world: The Nicoya Peninsula of...

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Working Longer in America: Prospects and Problems

Working into your 60s and perhaps 70s is one way to offset a lack of retirement savings and to remain engaged. But how possible is it really? "More and more of us want, and need, to be working longer than we can," said Ruth Finkelstein, director...

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Investing in Yourself graphic
Juggling children, career, and caring for an older parent? With so many responsibilities, many women struggle to avoid dropping the caring-for-yourself ball. The article below provides some tips to help overscheduled women deal with the stress of caregiver burnout.
Living in the Sandwich Generation | HealthyWomen

Share on: If you're both raising a child and caring for an aging parent, you might feel as if you're stuck between a rock and a hard place-otherwise known as the sandwich generation. One out of eight Americans between the ages of 40 to 60 is...

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Investing in Yourself: Join Us to Learn 5 Strategies to Take Control of Your Financial Future

An additional major stressor of women providing care for others is concern over their own personal financial future.

With many women earning less than their male counterparts, their retirement savings may be lower to cover rising retirement costs over a longer life expectancy. Overcoming these challenges to secure a comfortable financial future is key to reducing stress - in turn boosting health and well being.

Join us at one of our upcoming community-sponsored woman-focused seminars to get practical advice on taking control of your financial future! RSVP now as seating is limited!
5/16:The Rising Financial Power of Women

Join us for a woman-focused event that will give you 5 strategies to take control of your financial future and save for a successful retirement. Networking happy hour and seminar at The Citadel Miami co-presented by Treece Financial Group, Aqua...

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5/30:The Rising Financial Power of Women

Community-based educational seminar presenting strategies to help women take control of their financial future. This event has been funded in part by AIG.

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Latest Medicare Scam: DNA/Genetic Testing Schemes

Each year, the Medicare program loses $60 billion to fraud. The best way to reduce this figure is beneficiary education to prevent and reduce known pathways to fraudulent activities and unethical billing practices. The SHINE Senior Medicare Patrol Program has been hearing about DNA and genetic testing schemes in other parts of the country, and we recently learned that they are starting here in Florida.

Older adults at senior centers, housing complexes, and other community locations are targeted by companies promoting "free" genetic testing, cancer screening, or DNA testing. During an event, beneficiaries are asked to swab their cheek to collect a DNA sample which will be sent to the lab for analysis. They are then told falsely that the test will be covered by Medicare 100%, and all that is needed to process it is their Medicare number. This scam is resulting in fraudulent Medicare charges.

Yes. Some Medicare beneficiaries are being contacted at home by phone and told that they will be sent a DNA testing kit in the mail. In these cases, the person is asked to perform the cheek swab at home and then return the kit in the mail for DNA analysis. The caller then asks for the person's Medicare number and reiterates that there will be no charge to the beneficiary. This is also false.

All diagnostic x-rays tests, diagnostic laboratory tests, and other diagnostic tests must be ordered by the physician who is treating the beneficiary, that is, the physician who furnishes a consultation or treats a beneficiary for a specific medical problem and who uses the results in the management of the beneficiary's specific medical problem. Tests not ordered by the physician who is treating the beneficiary are not reasonable and necessary (emphasis added). Medicare only covers one genetic test to screen for a cancer, i.e., Cologuard for colorectal cancer. The posturing of any other genetic test as a Medicare covered screening benefit (available for free no less) should send up a red flag.

If you have any questions, or believe you may have been a target of this type of scam, please give our office a call today and we will help you with reporting and next steps.
Laura M. Lucas
Welcome to Team Treece!
Laura M. Lucas

Treece Financial Group welcomes Investment Advisor Representative Laura M. Lucas to our office. Laura joined Team Treece in April 2019 as a licensed Financial Advisor. She is also a military veteran, having served four years activity duty in the military intelligence branch.

Several of her long-time friends are clients of Treece Financial Group, and when she spoke with them about moving their accounts to her while at her previous employer, they would say, "we love you Laura, but nope." She's long admired David Treece's client-first approach and looks forward to learning and applying this highly personalized technique to her client interactions.

Laura can be reached through our main office number 305-751-885 or by email at laura@davidtreece.com.
Kaira Mai
Kaira Mai

Kaira is a student of the University of Miami, majoring in International Finance and Marketing. Kaira is working with our team for maintaining the customer-relationship management system to increase interactions between customers and our company and to keep track of renewing data for existing and potential customers.

Kaira will have the opportunity to learn more about the financial services industry, small business marketing, and building a stronger relationship with our clients.
Corrine Markey, The Seniors' Answer
Referral Partner of the Month:
Corrine Markey: The Seniors' Answer

The Seniors’ Answer provides “Concieaging” services to families that need care for an elderly relative in South Florida when you cannot physically be there. Whether you’re nearby or thousands of miles away, whether you need one-time or continuing assistance, their competent staff can handle both routine and emergency management so that your time with your loved one can be joyous and stress-free. Corrine can be reached at 305-646-1833 or by email.

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