Prepare for Wildfire At Home
Weekly Tip #9: Up Your Preparedness Game With Online Tools
Because we won't be out in the community for the next several weeks, the Tahoe Network is sending weekly tips on how to prepare for wildfire at home. Stay tuned, we only have one weekly tip left!
This Week's Tip: Up Your Preparedness Game With Online Tools
Although nothing beats talking to our communities at events, workshops, and block-parties, there are still many engaging ways to learn about wildfire at home. Explore some of the interactive tools below to help prevent and prepare for wildfire.
Prescribed Fire Map
Do you see smoke near you or across the lake? Check out the Lake Tahoe Prescribed Fire Map to find out if it's likely from a prescribed fire. Users can identify r esponsible agencies, contact information, dates of planned ignition, possible smoke impacts, and other important information for each prescribed fire at Lake Tahoe.
Tahoe Network Interactive Map
Are you curious who owns that forested lot next door? View the Tahoe Network Interactive Map and learn if parcels are private, state, county, or federally managed and identify neighborhoods within annual fire district 'target hazard areas,' which are neighborhoods targeted for blanket defensible space inspections each year.

Stay tuned, this map will soon feature neighborhoods working with the Tahoe Network to prepare for wildfire!
Want to keep track of wildfires across the U.S.? InciWeb features an interactive map where users can view information about wildfires such as acreage, start date, and percent containment.
AlertTahoe Cameras
Want to spy on wildfire with a bird's-eye view? ALERTWildfire Tahoe is a camera monitoring tool designed to "discover, locate, or confirm wildfire ignition, quickly scale wildfire resources up or down appropriately, and monitor containment of wildfires around the Tahoe Basin."

Pro Tip: ALERTWildfire cameras are also a great way to see prescribed fires at Lake Tahoe!
Emergency Alerts

Are you signed up to receive emergency notifications on your phone? Emergency notification systems are used by counties to send a prepared message via text, email or telephone to people in the affected area about potential evacuations. Users can set up multiple forms of contact, such as a home phone or email address, in case cell towers fail during an emergency.

If you travel around the Basin, we highly recommend signing up to receive notifications for all four Tahoe counties.

Sign up below:

Upcoming Events

Although it is unlikely we will hold any in-person events in the near future, stay tuned for a virtual neighborhood leader meet-and-greet in June. More details will be released soon.

Learn more about becoming a neighborhood leader here.
Additional Resources

Use CAL FIRE's survey as a starting point to determine how prepared your home is for wildfire and identify what steps you can take to better prepare.

Find the right actions to prepare your family and home for the next California wildfire.

Understand, explore, and reduce the risk of wildfire in your community.

View air quality status in your area.

Learn how to prepare for wildfire in the Tahoe Basin.

Thank you for reading our weekly tip, we hope you feel more prepared for wildfire!