Update - July 16, 2020 

It's Time to Prepare for Wildland Fire Season
Resources to help prevent fire damage and destruction
In the middle of a pandemic, it's easy to lose track of other public threats, such as wildland fire.

But the fire season is upon us, and preparation can help us stay safe. 

Many residents are prepared, and have already been working hard on this. I know the County and cities have been working on wildfire prevention for months, if not all year.

For anyone needing information, I've complied some trusted resources below.

One the most important things we can all do right now is make sure we're signed up for the County's Emergency Warning System alerts. 

It's easy to r egister online, in English and in Spanish. Simply go through the steps to enter your cell phone number. Landline numbers are automatically in the system. 

People who are registered get text or phone call alerts of fires, industrial incidents -- and all other emergencies. Alerts may have information on sheltering-in-place or evacuating.

This is also a good time to prepare for the possibility of a  public safety power shutoff (PSPS), when PG&E turns off select power lines on high fire danger days to reduce risks. Many of us experienced at least one outage last year, and know it can be challenging.

PGE's website has good information on preparing for planned outages. You can also sign up online for PG&E power shutoff alerts.

Other good resources:

From Contra Costa County Fire Protection District 

Ready for Wildfire

Red Cross
Wildfire Safety

Your local fire department is also an excellent source of fire prevention information, including requirements specific to your property. People living close to wildland or open space, for example, have different brush and tree clearance requirements than those living in urban areas. 

Thank you for helping protect yourself, your family, your property, and your community. It does make a difference!

 Thank you, 

Source: CalFire

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